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Everdome’s metaverse announces a new stage of hyper-realistic adventure

Jezero Spaceport is the next step in the space travel which includes a Martian civilisation experience


Top tech trends transforming the healthcare industry

Georg Schroeckenfuchs, head of Gulf and Saudi Country Group – Innovative Medicines at Novartis Innovation, tells us how technology is enabling innovation in healthcare


How virtual reality and the metaverse will change workplace in 2023

In order to get a better understanding of the mixed emotions surrounding the metaverse, Meta commissioned a study of nearly 2,000 employees and 400 business leaders around the world


Insights: Debate on virtual land

The concept of virtual land has been polarising for various reasons


Everdome’s debut rocket to Mars set to launch on November 30

The launch will take place at 5pm Gulf Standard Time and will be broadcasted live


Sheikh Hamdan approves new phase of Dubai Metaverse Strategy

The new phase was approved at the first meeting of the Higher Committee of Future Technology Development and Digital Economy


Crypto Oasis joins Algorand’s “Decipher” conference as regional partner

The event will take place from November 28-30 at Madinat Jumeirah, bringing together blockchain experts from Kraken, Binance, Sino Global Capital and more


Nike to open its virtual sneaker store and trading platform

The sportswear company will release its goods on the Swoosh platform


Saudi’s Royal Commission for AlUla enters the metaverse

RCU has created a 3D model of Hegra’s Tomb of Lihyan, son of Kuza, a UNESCO World Heritage site


How Virtua is poised to take a giant leap into the metaverse

The company has continued working on its digital collectables and items while developing virtual environments

Phygital fashion

Here’s what we can expect from phygital fashion

Brands are embracing phygital fashion to bring added value and create a better retail experience for customers


Here’s how artificial intelligence can enhance the metaverse

The correct use of AI and its adoption is pivotal to maintaining the best practice and stepping into the future with metaverse


Everdome’s metaverse rocket launch to Mars announced

Everdome’s city on Mars is placed in Jezero Crater, a location chosen by NASA for its contemporary space missions


Why is the world moving towards the metaverse?

Studies have shown that the metaverse creates a higher level of understanding, faster learning and deeper personal relations


Top 6 trends that will drive the impact of the metaverse on the virtual and real world

The metaverse is still in its infancy and despite the revolutionary concept, it is a turning point with limitless opportunities for making money, networking and brand growth


Chief metaverse officers: What do they do all day?

Chief metaverse officers first appeared at video-game makers, where immersion in a digital universe is central to the products


Navigating the new, bold era of 3D Internet

As the technology matures, the metaverse will become a seamless extention of our physical world, giving us new methods to carry out all of our daily activities

Everdome metaverse

Cover story: How Everdome is carving a future well-versed with the metaverse

Everdome’s chief marketing officer Bally Singh on how the company is creating its vision for a metaverse ecosystem which offers limitless possibilities

Gaming metaverse

Insights: Gaming, Gen Z and the metaverse

The gaming world has always been the precursor to what Web3 will bring, and its largest audience, Gen Z, is fluent in this virtual language. The question is: what can the marcomms industry learn from them during the advent of the metaverse?

Proven Reality

Proven Reality, Gulf Medical University sign MoU to promote healthcare education blended with VR

The Simbios Proven Reality virtual reality training software enables teachers to design more individualised training programmes that meet the goals of medical students

Dubai airport free zone to enter metaverse with METADAFZ

Dubai Airport Freezone to enter metaverse with launch of METADAFZ at Gitex Global

METADAFZ will enable clients from across the globe to conduct meetings via a virtual platform regardless of the physical location among other benefits

Dubai Chamber launches metaverse academy_GettyImages

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy launches training programme to support digital startups

A total of 30 businesses from Dubai and other markets will be selected to join the training academy


UAE’s GPSSA to showcase virtual customer-centric experience in the metaverse at Gitex Global

Visitors will be able to take part in requesting a service within virtual reality, enjoying real-time service in the metaverse


Here are the opportunities and challenges in building immersive products for the metaverse

The metaverse is in the early stages and will begin to mature by the end of the decade putting pressure on product vendors to innovate and co-exist side by side


Bedu partners with Dubai Future Foundation to bolster UAE’s metaverse journey

The partnership took place at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly which was held on September 28-29


Scopernia launches Imagin3 Studio to address the region’s demand for Web3 and the metaverse

The Imagin3 Studio will streamline and ease the way that firms can access, engage with, and experience Web3 technologies such as the metaverse

Metaverse Holdings

Metaverse Holdings selects Dubai, Abu Dhabi as first cities in global metaverse launch

The emirates will be the first ‘utilised’ hub within the virtual world that replicates real-life experiences and places

W Motors

Luxury hypercars manufacturer W Motors ventures into metaverse

W Motors is launching HyperWolves NFTs, representing the spirit animal of its cars, the Wolf


Corporates and metaverse: Here’s how to compete with the decentralised world

Metaverse will become the new normality and companies have already learned that digital transformation helps them stay competitive, says Shefiq Abdulla

Everdome Gem Digital

UAE-based Everdome secures $10m investment commitment from Gem Digital

Gem’s investment will be focused on team growth and metaverse technological expansion, and will see the game’s virtual reality capabilities set on a fast-track