OneRare officially launches 'foodverse' in UAE
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OneRare officially launches ‘foodverse’ in UAE

OneRare officially launches ‘foodverse’ in UAE

UAE-based F&B brands such as Foodlink, Bhukkad Cafe, Farzi Cafe, Cali Poke and Papa Johns, among others have signed up to release their NFTs for signature dishes


OneRare, the food metaverse, better known as foodverse, has announced its official launch in the UAE.

Developed by Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju, the duo is creating a metaverse bringing the global F&B industry to Web3 for the first time – allowing them to create virtual experiences, food NFTs and games and interact with foodies from across the world.

The foodverse will feature various zones where users can discover celebrity chefs, food brands and virtual restaurants.

It also has various geographical areas like the beach, forest and lakeside, and users can explore the open world. There is also an exclusive gaming zone with activity areas for players to explore, earn, collect and battle.

OneRare will also allow users to claim dish NFTs from across the world, by collecting ingredients and recipes to mint exclusive NFT artworks. Dishes include global cuisines, festive specials, keto and vegan-friendly recipes, as well as signature recipes from celebrity chefs and restaurants.

UAE-based F&B brands such as Foodlink, Bhukkad Cafe, Farzi Cafe, Cali Poke, and Papa Johns UAE, among others have signed up with OneRare to release their NFTs for signature dishes.

Signature dishes in foodverse

Meanwhile, Foodlink released NFTs for its sustainable cloud kitchen brand, Art of Dum’s signature Dish’s Dum Handi ka Gosht’ and China Bistro’s Vegetable Crystal Dumplings in foodverse, and the street food-inspired cafe The Bhukkad Cafe in collaboration with OneRare is all pumped up to release three unique Vada Pav NFTs — Cheeseburst, Schezwan and Classic on February 19 — which will be available to mint in the OneRare Kitchen.

“I have long said that food has a language of its own and makes the world a happier place. It is what connects us and the metaverse only brings us closer together in a unique way in which we can share our culture and our food. Now with the launch of the foodverse, there is no reason why brands and consumers can’t come together in this safe, virtual setting,” commented Supreet Raju, co-founder and CEO of OneRare.

“The platform is incredibly unique and offers the end-user with so many opportunities to explore food,” adds Gaurav Gupta, co-founder of OneRare.

Sanjay Vazirani, founder and CEO of Foodlink Global restaurants and catering services stated: “Foodlink, operates a variety of verticals in the F&B industry. I’m thrilled to be a part of Web3’s transformational journey and am looking forward to seeing it in its full potential soon, complete with innovative functionalities, cutting-edge user experience, and ease of use that will make it easy for our expanding customer base to adopt. I wish OneRare the best as they work to revolutionise Web3 and raise awareness of and interest in what the future may hold for all of us.”

“We’re extremely excited to announce our collaboration with OneRare on developing the world’s first ever Vada Pav NFT! When OneRare reached out to us with the idea of developing our own series of NFTs, we were excited because we’re a very crypto friendly brand & have always supported our growing Bhukkad community with all things crypto, from hosting free crypto workshops to accepting payments in crypto,” said Reshmi Mukherjee, co-founder of The Bhukkad Cafe.

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