Sultan AlNeyadi set to return to Earth on Sept-3-GettyImages

Sultan AlNeyadi to return to Earth on Sept 3: MBRSC

AlNeyadi along with his fellow astronauts will depart the ISS aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft Endeavour on September 2

Super Blue Moon

Super Blue Moon, Saturn’s rings, and a new comet: Three rare celestial events in the UAE sky this week

The end of summer has a triple treat in store which starts with Saturn appearing bright in the night followed by a Super Blue Moon and finally a comet


SpaceX launches Crew-7 to ISS, Sultan AlNeyadi scheduled to come back to Earth soon

SpaceX’s Crew-6 who have been living on the ISS since March, will spend the next week welcoming the Crew-7 astronauts before returning to Earth

Chandrayaan-3 artificial intelligence

Chandrayaan-3 moon landing: How artificial intelligence played a key role

The integration of AI-driven sensors in Chandrayaan-3 was instrumental in ensuring a safe lunar touchdown

Moon south pole

Pragyaan Rover rolls out of Lander Vikram: First images from Moon’s south pole

Operating under frigid temperatures, the mission will now grapple with unknown conditions and strange lunar topography


Chandrayaan-3 successfully lands on the Moon: India makes history

India becomes the first country to reach the Moon’s south pole and only the fourth country ever to land on the lunar surface

Russia Luna-25 crashes

Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft crashes into the Moon’s surface hours before scheduled landing

Luna-25 was scheduled to execute a soft landing on the south pole of the Moon on August 21

ISRO Chandrayaan-3 Moon mission

ISRO Moon mission Chandrayaan-3 gets closer to soft-landing with deboosting

The lander module will descend to a lower orbit as it gets closer to the Moon’s surface

Sultan AlNeyadi

Sultan AlNeyadi to begin his return to Earth soon, NASA announces date

Sultan AlNeyadi will be brought back aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft which recently docked at the ISS

Image credit: Twitter/ Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic flies its first private tourists to space: Watch

The suborbital ride from a New Mexico spaceport caps nearly two decades of development work for Virgin Galactic

Where to watch the Perseids meteor showerin the UAE Image Getty images

Perseids meteor shower 2023: How to watch it in the UAE

The Dubai Astronomy Group is hosting a viewing event at Al Awir desert on Saturday, August 12, from 10pm to 3am

Sultan Al Neyadi space nutrition experiment

Gardening in space: Sultan AlNeyadi’s new experiment looks at mental health impact of growing food

The experiment investigates the psychological impact on astronauts growing, tending, and consuming fresh produce during long-duration space missions

Nokia Moon Mission

An inside look at Nokia’s moon mission

For the first time, Nokia is digging into the details of its lunar mission and explaining its reasons for voyaging to the Moon

Yahsat satellite

Serco launches graduate space programme in Saudi Arabia

Positions will include a secondment in Europe to gain experience with international space programmes

Sultan AlNeyadi

Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi completes sleep experiment on ISS

The outcomes of the experiment will add to the collection of hypnic and neuroscience data on the ISS

chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan-3: India’s mission to moon; hopes to land rover on lunar surface

Chandrayaan-3 is a follow-on mission to the failed attempt in 2019 which aims to demonstrate the country’s capability in safely landing and roving the lunar surface

Yahsat to invest $100m in T4-NGS satellite programme

Abu Dhabi’s Yahsat to invest $100m in T4-NGS satellite programme

The company seeks to boost its investments in the coming years to enhance its fleet, including the potential launch of two new satellites

UAE Space Agency

UAE Space Agency invites private sector to join Emirates Mission to Asteroid Belt

This comes as a result of the agency’s commitment to award at least 50 per cent of the overall contracted mission to private sector companies

satellite component by STRATA

Strata Manufacturing delivers MBZ-SAT satellite components to MBRSC

This partnership showcases the technological advancement in locally manufacturing satellite components as the UAE builds a space industry

saudi astronauts

Saudi astronauts depart space station, to splashdown in Atlantic Ocean

The Saudi Space Commission announced the successful separation of the SpaceX spacecraft carrying the two Saudi astronauts from the ISS

Arabsat BADR-8 launch Image credit Arabsat

Arabsat launches Badr-8 satellite, in partnership with Airbus and SpaceX

The 7th generation satellite successfully lifted off from launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral air force station

space mission

UAE announces space mission: MBR Explorer to tour asteroid belt

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai announced the follow up space mission scheduled to launch in 2028

Hakuto mission mapped image credit ispace

HAKUTO-R lunar mission results announced, here’s what happened

The analysis reveals that the cause of the lander’s failure to make a soft landing was due to the software, especially in the phase just prior to landing

International Space Station receives Saudi astronauts after their maiden space flight. Image Credit: NASA TV

Rayyanah Barnawi, Ali Al Qarni’s first day at the International Space Station

The Axiom 2 mission brings together three Arab astronauts on board the ISS for the first time in history

Saudi astronauts head to International Space Station. Image Credit: UAE Space Station

Saudi astronauts embark on landmark space mission: Watch liftoff

Saudi Arabia’s historic mission signifies the nation’s commitment to advancing space exploration under the ambit of the Vision 2030 national agenda


Saudi space mission to launch on May 21, crew includes first Arab woman at ISS

The mission is part of the kingdom’s astronauts’ programme, which was launched on September 22 last year

Yahsat Ali Al Hashemi

Yahsat reports record Q1 2023 revenue to the tune of Dhs369m

Yahsat’s net income and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation both grew by 35 per cent and 4 per cent respectively year-on-year

Sultan AlNeyadi

Watch live: Sultan Al Neyadi becomes first Arab astronaut to perform a spacewalk

The UAE will become the 10th country to perform a spacewalk on the ISS, while Al Neyadi will be part of the 261st spacewalk

Rashid Rover

Rashid rover 2: Sheikh Mohammed announces new Moon mission

The announcement follows the likely hard landing of the Hakuto-R Mission 1 spacecraft carrying the previous Rashid rover, to the lunar surface

ispac Hakuto lunar lander ission

UAE Moon mission: Contact lost with HAKUTO-R lander, hard landing on lunar surface likely

Engineers from ispace are working on a detailed analysis of the telemetry data acquired until the end of landing sequence to find out the root cause