US private space lander Peregrine headed to the moon Image courtesy United Launch Alliance- Instagram

WATCH: Historic private US Peregrine mission launches, en route to the moon

The robotic lander aims to become the first private spacecraft ever to touch down softly on the moon


UAE space odyssey: New deal with NASA for Artemis Lunar Gateway airlock, Moon mission

Gateway will support sustained exploration and research in deep space, provide a home for astronauts to live and work, including a staging point for lunar surface missions

SpaceX launches Starlink satellites

SpaceX’s new Starlink satellites beam phone signals from space

The US wireless carrier will use Elon Musk-owned SpaceX’s Starlink satellites to provide mobile users with network access in parts of the US

GCC region M&A blazes trail as global deals decline

UAE’s Bayanat and Yahsat agree potential Dhs15bn merger

The merger is subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals and is expected to close in the second half of 2024

UAE lanches developmental Phase of Sirb programme Image Dubai Media Office

UAE launches development phase of Sirb satellite programme

Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the satellite programme

Yahsat satellite

UAE: Yahsat reports strong quarterly results for Q3

Yahsat attributed its strong results due to the performance of its smart ICT solutions arm Thuraya Telecommunications

Interview with Khalid Al Kaf - Yahsat Chief Operations Officer Image Supplied

Interview: Yahsat’s Khalid Al Kaf shares the satcom giant’s future-forward strategy

To stay competitive, Yahsat is focused on innovation in satellite technology, service offerings, and operational efficiency, says the satcom firm’s COO

SpaceX rocket

SpaceX signs deal with European Space Agency to launch key satellites

The agreement calls for the satellites to be launched on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket from the US

solar eclipse

Annular solar eclipse 2023: Watch live

The Americas will witness a rare ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse on October 14


Amazon launches first test satellites for Kuiper internet network

Amazon has vowed to invest $10bn into its Kuiper project, which was announced in 2019

Nora al matrooshi

Who is Nora Al Matrooshi, the UAE’s first female astronaut to head to space in 2024?

Nora’s journey to space began when she was chosen in 2021 to train at NASA, alongside 11 candidates from around the world

Sheikh Hamdan space missions

Sheikh Hamdan announces space ventures in 2024; mission to include UAE’s first female astronaut

The space mission will see two Emirati astronauts – Mohammed Al Mulla and Nora Al Matrooshi – head to space next year

OSIRIS-REx Sample Return from Asteroid Bennu

NASA’s Osiris-Rex mission brings sample from Asteroid Bennu: Why is it significant?

The returned samples from Bennu will aid scientists in understanding various aspects of planet formation


Harvest full Moon to illuminate the sky: Last supermoon of 2023 on long weekend holiday

This marks the fourth consecutive supermoon of the year, as per the Farmers’ Almanac

solar eclipse

Annular solar eclipse on October 14: A celestial ‘ring of fire’

This particular type of eclipse occurs when the moon, positioned at or near its farthest point from Earth, does not entirely block the sun’s face

Sultan AlNeyadi

UAE celebrates homecoming of Sultan AlNeyadi following space mission

The astronaut was received with a grand reception attended by the country’s leadership, AlNeyadi’s family as well as senior ministers and dignitaries

Sultan AlNeyadi

Sultan AlNeyadi returns to the UAE

Dr Al Neyadi, who concluded his mission on September 4, spent six months in space, during which he conducted a range of significant experiments

Sultan AlNeyadi

Sultan AlNeyadi to return to the UAE on September 18: MBRSC

The UAE astronaut will return home after successfully completing his debrief and recovery programme in the US

G20 in Delhi AlNeyadi billboards adorn Delhi Image courtesy WAM

G20 Summit: Billboards in Delhi celebrate UAE’s Sultan AlNeyadi

AlNeyadi successfully completed the longest Arab space mission aboard the International Space Station

Sultan AlNeyadi

‘From Earth to Space and back’: Sultan AlNeyadi in good health after splashdown

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre is yet to announce the date of the astronaut’s return to the UAE

UAE investments in space sector surpass Dhs22bn

UAE investments in space sector surpass Dhs22bn

The country has emerged as a regional hub for space services, events, and specialised educational programmes in the space domain

ALNeyadi space experiments Image courtesy WAM

AlNeyadi conducted over 200 research experiments on ISS. Here are some highlights

The experiments covered topics including the cardiovascular system, epigenetics, plant biology, human life sciences, material science, sleep analysis and advanced exploration technologies

Sultan AlNeyadi

Watch: UAE’s Sultan AlNeyadi, Crew-6 splashdown on Earth in SpaceX Dragon capsule

The Crew-6 safely splashed down on Earth in the early hours of September 4

Sultan AlNeyadi with other crew members

UAE’s Sultan AlNeyadi begins return journey home: Watch live stream

The Emirati astronaut has begun his return journey home to Earth after spending six month aboard the International Space Station

Sultan AlNeyadi

UAE: Sultan AlNeyadi’s return to Earth delayed, new date released

The Emirati astronaut will begin his journey back to Earth from the International Space Station on Sunday, September 3

Sultan AlNeyadi set to return to Earth on Sept-3-GettyImages

Sultan AlNeyadi to return to Earth on Sept 3: MBRSC

AlNeyadi along with his fellow astronauts will depart the ISS aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft Endeavour on September 2

Super Blue Moon

Super Blue Moon, Saturn’s rings, and a new comet: Three rare celestial events in the UAE sky this week

The end of summer has a triple treat in store which starts with Saturn appearing bright in the night followed by a Super Blue Moon and finally a comet


SpaceX launches Crew-7 to ISS, Sultan AlNeyadi scheduled to come back to Earth soon

SpaceX’s Crew-6 who have been living on the ISS since March, will spend the next week welcoming the Crew-7 astronauts before returning to Earth

Chandrayaan-3 artificial intelligence

Chandrayaan-3 moon landing: How artificial intelligence played a key role

The integration of AI-driven sensors in Chandrayaan-3 was instrumental in ensuring a safe lunar touchdown

Moon south pole

Pragyaan Rover rolls out of Lander Vikram: First images from Moon’s south pole

Operating under frigid temperatures, the mission will now grapple with unknown conditions and strange lunar topography