Strata Manufacturing delivers MBZ-SAT satellite component
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Strata Manufacturing delivers MBZ-SAT satellite components to MBRSC

Strata Manufacturing delivers MBZ-SAT satellite components to MBRSC

This partnership showcases the technological advancement in locally manufacturing satellite components as the UAE builds a space industry

Marisha Singh
satellite component by STRATA

Strata Manufacturing (STRATA) and Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) have collaborated to successfully produce a satellite component of aluminium honeycomb panels, for the first time. This local production is a milestone for the country’s space ambitions.

This partnership showcases the technological advancement and growing self-sufficiency for the UAE as it builds a local space industry.

STRATA, wholly owned by Mubadala, is a composite aero-structures manufacturing facility based in Al Ain. The company was established in 2009 and has partnerships with the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, and Boeing. It also supplies parts to Pilatus, SAAB and S.A.B.C.A.

STRATA is supplying locally built components for MBZ-SAT, the country’s high-accuracy, high-resolution imaging satellite. The satellite will be equipped with STRATA-supplied aluminium honeycomb panels which will make the structure resilient to extreme temperatures and radiation in space.

MBZ-SAT satellite capabilities

The MBZ-SAT is expected to launch in 2024, to fulfill a growing commercial demand for high-resolution satellite images that will show details within an area of less than one square meter, as per MBRSC.

This project is intended to showcase the UAE’s breadth of capability in the space industry as it works to rope in public and private players.

Powered by AI functions, it streamlines the collection, processing, and analysis of raw data, accelerating insights and optimising the handling of space images. The satellite will improve image capture resolution by more than double, as compared to the previously launched system. It will also increase the downlink data transmission speed by thrice the current capacity.

The fully automated image scheduling and processing system of MBZ-SAT will also be able to produce more than 10 times the images the Centre produces currently. The MBRSC through the MBZ-SAT will offer rapid turnaround of captured data. This imagery solution is aimed at supporting a wide variety of uses such as mapping and analysis, environmental monitoring, navigation, infrastructure management and disaster relief efforts.

The utility of satellite imagery in aiding and tackling natural disasters is of vital importance as it allows analysis at scale along with gauging severity of the calamity, help plan relief efforts and aid in rebuilding efforts.

Salem Humaid Al Marri, director-general of MBRSC, said, “As we envision integrating space technology across major sectors in the UAE, it becomes evident that the involvement of relevant entities is crucial. The collaboration and innovation behind MBZ-SAT not only advances the utilisation of satellite-related technologies but also presents a significant opportunity for our local partners such as Strata to advance in the space sector. MBRSC remains steadfast in enabling local enterprises, as we actualise the set vision for space as an active industry within the UAE.”

STRATA has been a recurring partner as a component supplier to the MBRSC. The successful delivery of MBZ-SAT components is ensuring the UAE’s self-reliance for critical industries such as space and consequently reducing its dependence on international suppliers.

Ismail Ali Abdulla, managing-director and chief executive officer of STRATA, said, “We are thrilled to have successfully delivered the satellite components for the MBZ-SAT project, further strengthening our strategic partnership with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center. Strata is committed to delivering high-quality, globally competitive products that showcase the UAE’s industrial sector expertise.”

Investing in the space industry remains a top priority in the UAE’s national industrial development strategy.

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