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Saudi Shoura proposal seeks more women in diplomatic roles

Saudi Shoura proposal seeks more women in diplomatic roles

The kingdom recently appointed its first female embassy spokesperson

Members of Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council have reportedly submitted a proposal to increase the representation of women in diplomatic roles abroad.

Shoura member Dr Mona Al-Mushait disclosed the proposal during a recent meeting, according to Arab News.

“As Saudi women, we must help the political leadership achieve the vision’s goal of increasing our participation in the labour market and building the country,” she was quoted as saying.

The proposal comes following the kingdom’s appointment of its first female spokesperson, Fatimah Baeshen, at its US embassy in Washington.

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Similar appointments could help drive the progressive agenda led by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman abroad as the kingdom embarks on ambitious reforms to diversify its economy.

More broadly, the kingdom is also seeking to increase female participation in the labour market and society by lifting restrictions on their movement.

On top of opening new positions to female workers, monarch King Salman announced plans last month to allow women to drive from next summer.

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The General Sports Authority also said on Sunday it would allow women into sports stadiums for the first time from early 2018.

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