Saudi Arabia suspends events, weddings; shuts down malls, restaurants, gyms
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Saudi Arabia suspends events, weddings; shuts down malls, restaurants, gyms

Saudi Arabia suspends events, weddings; shuts down malls, restaurants, gyms

Restrictions are effective February 4, 10pm onwards


Saudi Arabia has announced a series of restrictions, effective February 4, 10pm local time, to stem the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Measures were put in place in light of emerging indicators of “an increase in the epidemic curve” in some regions of Saudi Arabia caused by lax implementation of precautionary measures and approved protocols, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported, citing an official source at the Ministry of Interior.

All events and parties, including weddings and corporate meetings in banquet and independent wedding halls or within hotels, as well as in rental rest houses and camps, are suspended for a period of 30 days, subject to extension.

Social gatherings must not exceed 20 people, an injunction that is valid for 10 days, and subject to extension. All entertainment activities and events are to be suspended for 10 days, while cinemas, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, gyms and sports centres are to be shut for a similar period, subject to extension.

Dine-in services at restaurants and cafes are suspended for 10 days, while take-aways are permitted, provided that they do not result in any gatherings of people.

In case of infractions, the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing will close the establishment for a period of 24 hours, and later for 48 hours if the violation is repeated.  If the infraction is repeated again, the entity will be shut down for a week and then for two weeks on repetition of the violation.

Those commercial establishments that flout rules for the fifth time, will be shut down for a month.

All authorities are called upon to intensify monitoring efforts in implementing protocols and taking necessary measures to control infractions.

Effective February 3, 9pm, Saudi Arabia also banned entry into the kingdom from 20 countries including the UAE, UK and India.

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The temporary suspension of permission to enter will be applicable to anyone who comes from, or has transited through any of those countries, 14 days prior to the date they wish to enter the kingdom.

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