Samsung to train UAE students in AI and machine learning
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Samsung to train UAE students in AI and machine learning

Samsung to train UAE students in AI and machine learning

Samsung Future Academy is to launch its AI course in the UAE


The world is facing an acute AI skills gap. According to a report from IBM released last year, an estimated 120 million workers worldwide will need to be retrained as a result of AI and automation by 2022.

Samsung is looking to lessen the skills gap in the UAE with a new initiative. The company has announced that its Future Academy is bringing its AI course to the UAE.

The Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) course will be provided through online-based modules over a five-week duration, with official certifications upon completion.

One of the most ground-breaking technologies of the 21st century, AI uses machine learning to imitate human intelligence, with computers and systems learning how to respond to certain actions using algorithms and historical data. Through Future Academy’s curriculum, participants will learn about the tools and applications that feature prominently in AI and machine learning-related workplaces.

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Following an introduction to AI and machine learning, successful applicants will benefit from interactions with an expert instructor, as well as live online sessions, to develop a clear understanding of industry processes. The course will be delivered through a blended learning, self-paced format, with participants given exercises for each module and access to content presentations and pre-recorded videos covering statistics, algorithms, and programming.

By the end of the course, students should be able to understand the statistical and mathematical foundation of machine learning, comprehend the basics of Python and the libraries used for machine learning algorithms, apply these algorithms to real data sets, and build projects while following the data science lifecycle.

“The aim is to empower youth with tools and capabilities that may prove invaluable as they prepare to pursue the career paths of their choice. We are delighted to finally announce the details of this exciting program, and look forward to witnessing up-and-coming generations broaden their horizons and explore their potential under the Future Academy’s umbrella,” said Jerric Wong, head of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

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