Qatar Airways arranges charter flight from Jeddah to Doha via Kuwait

Flight KU1782 will depart from Jeddah at 7.15pm local time on June 7

Qatar Airways announced on Wednesday that it has organised a charter flight to carry its passengers from Saudi Arabia to Doha via Kuwait, even as the airline has been forced to shut down its office in Saudi Arabia.

The flight will leave from Jeddah on Wednesday, June 7 evening and land in Kuwait. A connecting Qatar Airways flight will then transport passengers onwards from Kuwait City to Doha.

Flight KU1782 will depart from Jeddah at 7.15pm local time on June 7, the airline confirmed in a travel alert on its website.

“Passengers are advised to report directly to King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, three hours prior to the flight time above in order to be registered and accepted on to the flight,” the statement added.

The move comes even after Saudi Arabia, along with the UAE, Bahrain and other Arab states severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, and cut all air and land links with the country.

All Qatari citizens have also been ordered to leave Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain within 14 days.

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On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain also announced that they have revoked the licence of Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways was also ordered to close its Saudi and Bahrain offices within 48 hours. The airline has already suspended all flights to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.

Saudi has also banned all Qatari private and commercial airplanes from crossing its airspace.

On Tuesday, Qatar Airways operated three chartered flights from Jeddah to Doha via Muscat.

So far, the airline has not chartered any flights from the UAE or Bahrain to Doha.