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Netflix increases some UAE prices

Netflix increases some UAE prices

The company is now charging in local currency for users in the UAE and Saudi

US streaming service Netflix has announced increases to some of its prices in the UAE after changing its payment system.

The National reports that payments will now be taken in UAE dirhams rather than the US dollars seen since the regional launch of the service in January 2016.

This will mean prices for a basic one-screen subscription remain unchanged at Dhs29 ($7.99) a month but the two-screen option will now cost two dirhams more from Dhs37 ($9.99) to Dhs39.

Premium customers will see an even more substantial increase of 27 per cent from Dhs44 ($11.99) to Dhs56, according to the publication.

The new rates will come into force for customers’ next billing cycle.

Users in Saudi Arabia also seeing the change to local currency, while those in Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait will continue to pay in dollars, according to the publication.

Netflix said in 2016 it had no immediate plans to raise prices in the UAE after rates in the US and UK were increased by $1

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The company competes in the Middle East with a number of local streaming services including Icflix, and Starz Play, which has raised more than $125m from investors.

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