Lulu Hypermarket launches new AI-powered customer experiences on WhatsApp
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Lulu Hypermarket launches AI-powered customer experiences on WhatsApp

Lulu Hypermarket launches AI-powered customer experiences on WhatsApp

Salem, an AI-powered assistant, helps customers order products for in-store collection, receive in-app purchase receipts, and track their orders

Divsha Bhat
Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket has launched Salem, a new AI-powered customer service channel available on WhatsApp.

The platform enables customers to receive in-app purchase receipts, track online order deliveries and seek purchase-related assistance, all via WhatsApp.

Additionally, customers in the UAE can order products for in-store pick-up using the same platform.

Lulu Hypermarket has also introduced a loyalty programme via WhatsApp, making it one of the first retailers in the Middle East to do so. By enrolling in this programme, customers can access tailored offers based on their purchasing history.

V. NandaKumar, director of Marketing and Communications at Lulu group, said: “Salem has considerably reduced the workload on Lulu Hypermarket’s customer support agents, allowing them to concentrate on more crucial tasks. Within four weeks of going live, it has successfully handled queries from over three million unique users on WhatsApp and will continue to scale up in the coming months. At the same time, it is capable of smoothly switching customer conversations to live agent support in the case of complex issues”.

Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and co-founder,, added: “Conversational AI-powered solutions coupled with conversational commerce on messaging channels such as WhatsApp are quickly and effectively changing the game of retail digital commerce and helping brands stand out in a highly cluttered market.

The sheer convenience quotient that this provides not only helps elevate customer experiences but also translates to greater conversion rates. And Salem is a true testimony to that. We are excited to work alongside a legacy brand like Lulu Hypermarket towards delivering delightful customer experiences and contributing to their overall digital transformation journey”.

Nicolas Farin, head of Client Sales EMEA – Business Messaging at Meta staed: “We continue to see a growing demand from customers, particularly in the Middle East, to connect with a business in the same way they chat with their friends and family – through quick, easy and secure messaging. We hope this partnership will continue to improve customer journeys, offering new and innovative ways to connect on WhatsApp”.

Lulu Hypermarket in Saudi

In other news, Lulu Group opened a new hypermarket in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia last year.

The 133,000 square feet store, which is also 28th in the country is located in Saihat in the Al Muntazah district and features all the top buys that customers have come to expect from LuLu – an extensive supermarket, fresh food, department store, cosmetics and LuLu Connect.

Customers will have excellent ease of shopping with 30 checkout counters and 400 dedicated parking spaces.

The store has been designed with a modern layout that makes it easy for shoppers to navigate.

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