Raed Barqawi

96. Raed Barqawi

Editor In Chief, Al Khaleej Newspaper

Origin: Jordan

Residence: UAE

Sector: Culture and Society

2023 Rank: 98

Raed Barqawi has spent 35 years at Al Khaleej, the most widely read newspaper in the UAE and wider GCC. The Arabic daily was founded in Sharjah by brothers Abdullah Omran Taryam and Taryam Omran Taryam in 1970, the year before the UAE became an independent country.

Barqawi is widely credited with shaping the UAE’s media industry. Since 1985, he has covered hundreds of local, regional and international events and conferences and has interviewed numerous officials and CEOs. He has spoken at several major events and appeared in various television shows. Barqawi has also been a board member of the Arab Journalism Award for over 15 years.

He has also authored Dare to Dream: How Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Made his Dreams Come True. The book explores how, under the visionary leadership of Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai has become a leading global hub for talent and a place where the Arab youth can find the resources and opportunities to fulfill their dreams. The book has been published in both English and Arabic.


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