Nezha Hayat | Gulf Business

92. Nezha Hayat

Chairperson and CEO, Moroccan Capital Market Authority

Origin: Morocco

Residence: Morocco

Sector: Finance

2023 Rank: 94

Nezha Hayat is the chairperson and CEO of AMMC, Morocco’s Capital Market Authority, following her appointment in February 2016 by the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI. She began her career in Spain in 1985 in the banking sector (risks, debt portfolio management) and in 1999, was elected president of the Association of stockbrokers in Morocco for two terms. She was nominated global leader for tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 2000.

She also co-founded AFEM, the association of women business leaders in Morocco.

In 2017, Nezha was elected vice-chair of the Africa and Middle East Committee (AMERC) within the International Organisation of Financial Market Regulators (IOSCO) for the remaining 2016-2018 term, and since March 2020, she was elected twice as Chair of the AMERC for the terms 2020-2022 and 2022-2024.

She has been awarded the King of Spain and the King of Morocco, for her commitment and work in favor of strengthening Morocco-Spain economic relations.


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