Dr Sultan Al Jaber

2. Dr Sultan Al Jaber

MD and group CEO, ADNOC, and chairman, Masdar

Origin: UAE

Residence: UAE

Sector: Energy

2023 Rank: 2

Dr Sultan Al Jaber has made significant contributions as the chairman of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Under his stewardship, ADNOC has embarked on a bold mission to mitigate carbon emissions, earmarking $23bn for low-carbon projects to address the challenges of climate change.

ADNOC’s ambitious goals include increasing production capacity of lower carbon-intensive hydrocarbons to five million barrels per day by 2027, three years ahead of the original target.

The company has intensified upstream exploration and development efforts, unveiling expansion plans and increasing capital expenditures to $150bn.

As the president of COP28, Dr Al Jaber’s influence has transcended borders, as he mobilised substantial funding and secured historic agreements for climate action on the global stage.

Furthermore, Dr Al Jaber’s leadership extends to clean energy initiatives through his role as chairman of Masdar, a pioneering clean energy company with a global footprint and investments exceeding $30bn. Masdar’s renewable energy projects span across 40 countries and boast over 20GW of capacity.


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