Kuwait plans to pass first 'pro-expat' law in nine years - report
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Kuwait plans to pass first ‘pro-expat’ law in nine years – report

Kuwait plans to pass first ‘pro-expat’ law in nine years – report

The new legislation seeks to increase the annual leave allowance and hike monthly salaries for expats in the private sector

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Kuwait’s National Assembly is planning to pass amendments to private sector labour law later this month, making it the first ‘pro-expat’ legislation in nine years, local daily Kuwait Times reported.

The legislation, which received a unanimous vote along with the government’s approval, will be during the debated on March 19 and 20.

It is expected to increase the annual leave entitlement for the 1.7 million expats working in the private sector to 40 days and increase the monthly salary and indemnity by 15 per cent, the newspaper cited sources as saying.

The proposed law comes as lawmakers in the country push for the rebalancing of the country’s national demographics.

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Foreign residents currently make up around 70 per cent of the 4.6 million population, but some MPs want it to be closer to 50 per cent.

Reports last last year indicated the government was seeking opinions on the possibility of establishing a national committee to rebalance Kuwait’s demographic structure.

This would mean at least 1.5 million foreigners leaving the country in the coming years, according to some estimates.

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