Insights: Businesses reaping rewards through employee engagement
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Insights: Businesses reaping rewards through employee engagement

Insights: Businesses reaping rewards through employee engagement

With organisations around the globe placing employee engagement at the centre, both employee and employer have huge opportunities to grasp the full potential leading to a happier workforce

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Today’s modern workplace continues to evolve to meet the needs of both employers and employees. Emerging from the ashes of the pandemic, new innovative technologies supporting digital workplaces are imperative to employers looking to engage, retain and attract talent. With many organisations moving away from a traditional five days a week in the office, companies are recognising the need to implement a hybrid model of working from home.

The modern workforce has redefined what the workplace means to them and are pursuing more effective and efficient means of working. It is a critical time for businesses to have the right technology and workplace culture in place to support employees in this changing world, enabling colleagues to build meaningful connections, whether in the office or online.

Globally, the workplace has undergone a huge transformation because of the Covid pandemic, with virtual working and hybrid models taking effect. This has seen employees face challenging times, with HR teams taking on the unexpected pressure to navigate teams through the new ways of working. Ultimately there has been a rapid need to create new technology solutions to keep the workforce connected.

As one of the great workplace challenges of our time, the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation is making businesses think hard about how to retain and engage with their staff, with a recent industry survey by Workvivo, highest-rated employee app globally, showing HR professionals are feeling burnt out and undervalued. Findings show 60 per cent of people plan to leave their jobs in 2022 and 40 per cent were less than happy in their jobs than they were last year. In addition, a Hays survey highlighted that more than half of employees (56 per cent) across the UAE anticipate moving jobs in the next year and ADP data shows two thirds of workers would consider looking for a new job if forced unnecessarily to return to the office full-time.

More than ever, organisations across different industries recognise they need to pursue innovation and have the right technology in place to keep their employees engaged and connected with the workplace and have a sense of belonging, whether working in the office, remotely or flexibly. By building world-class workplace cultures and keeping employees emotionally engaged, it is key to enabling people to work effectively and productively at home, as well as driving forward the culture and personality of their organisations.

The UAE continues to adopt new innovation, embracing the digital nomad with a virtual collaborative environment and new technologies. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE has placed people at the heart of the UAE’s future ambitions, striving to empower and enable them to live fulfilled, comfortable, and happy lives professionally and personally. For businesses, this means placing a greater emphasis on employee experience, culture, and flexibility at the heart of everything they do.

Irish innovation goes hand-in-hand with the UAE’s ambitions to put people first and transform in the new digital-first working world we now live. The UAE has set out its clear blueprint for the next 50 years, which is anchored in putting its people first and transforming the workplace through innovation and ambitious goals. The country is also leading the way as a hotspot for those seeking to work remotely, with new visa offerings to simplify this for people wishing to bring their expertise to the region. Never has there been a better or more pressing time for businesses in the Middle East to deliver for employees through improved engagement experiences and new innovative solutions offered are a gamechanger for businesses.

With organisations around the globe placing employee engagement front and centre of everything they do, reinforced by the innovative technology, both employee and employer have huge opportunities to grasp the full potential on offer, ultimately leading to a happier and connected workforce.

Stephen Twomey is the senior market advisor at Enterprise Ireland

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