skills shortage

Insights: Navigating the skills shortage and delivering outcomes for field service

Any business implementing new technologies to drive efficiencies, will also need to implement an approach that delivers change management

Kais Zribi, General Manager - MEA, Coursera on Women Empowerment Image supplied

Insights: Empowering UAE women for a transformative AI-driven future

Upskilling Emirati women in AI and related fields will not only equip them with vital tech skills but also open doors to emerging sectors and leadership positions

Hanadi Khalife head of ICAEW on how the public and provate sector shoud finance the green transition Image ICAEW

Insights: Why public-private financing will drive the green transition

Governments around the world are increasingly treating private sector companies as key partners in tackling societal challenges, including climate change

Kevin Rubin, Chief Finance Officer at Alteryx on the role of the modern CFO

The modern CFO: Risk taker or business maker?

With digital transformation added into the mix, the modern CFO role has transformed into that of a future-facing navigator, combining risk mitigation with near-live opportunity mapping

The future of water _ World Water Week GettyImages

The future of water: Nurturing a water-wise world

As we mark World Water Week, the theme of this year, ‘Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World’ is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address this crisis


How sustainability is gaining importance in logistics services

Sustainability and supply chain resiliency are expected to reshape the global business environment


On-chain segmentation: Unlocking insights for the region’s rising crypto exchanges

How do exchanges survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market? We take a look…


Alan’s corner: Conflict resolution

The key to successful conflict resolution is always communication


How energy companies can prepare themselves for the low-carbon era

Low-carbon solutions are products, services and technologies with a small carbon footprint that can serve as alternative energy sources

Digital identity

Insights: Digital identity is key to achieving national objectives

The UAE has embraced the vision of a sustainable future, investing heavily in renewable energy and dynamic technologies centered around innovation

unified communications

Insights: Why as-a-service model allows for superior unified communications

Cloud-hosted unified communications are directly responsible for operational efficiency at a reduced cost

LBS' Jane Khedair on why the MENA region is prime ground for VCs and startups

Insights: Why the MENA region offers exciting opportunities for VCs, startups

The abundance of family money, rising government and financial support for startups complemented by the focus on economic diversification has put the region into the spotlight

force for good

The social side of sustainability: How businesses can be a force for good

Here’s the 5-step ‘Force for Good’ model that can ensure that the social sustainability initiatives are well poised to create deep and meaningful impact

M&A and Corporate Tax insights

Navigating M&A transactions, restructurings in the face of UAE’s corporate tax 

Buyers will need to evaluate the tax status of the target company or target assets and consider whether any restructuring is required to optimise tax efficiency


Alan’s corner: The tipping point

A strategic offering of in-store and online shopping experiences can help retailers stay relevant in current times

State of AI adoption for enterprise IT management in the Middle East

Businesses in the region are readily investing in AI-driven solutions to unlock productivity, gain competitive advantage, and meet evolving customer needs

service robots

Insights: The rise of service robots

Proven Robotics’ Mohammed Aldousari, regional robotics lead, outlines the transition of robots from industrial applications to service roles that bisect and positively impact day-to-day human life

ESG and Middle Banks Arthur D Little Op-ed

Implementing ESG strategy: How Middle East banks are faring

As the region’s banks double down on their ESG efforts, the implementation of a comprehensive strategy with data governance at its core has never been more important

linkedin - hiring and retaining

Why mentoring makes a difference

Mentoring could help ensure a smooth transition for new board members and set them up for success in their role

quiet quitters

Watch out for those quiet quitters

A welcoming and nurturing atmosphere creates a productive, committed team


Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion: A must for every organisation in today’s world

Various studies confirm that companies that are diverse, equitable and inclusive are more creative, better able to respond to challenges, attract and retain talent


Insights: Crypto silver linings to build up in 2023

Focusing on engaging with regulators and policymakers to ensure secure and sustainable growth of the crypto ecosystem is key


Here’s how the metaverse is empowering content creators

The metaverse isn’t just a new way of socialising and creating content

loyalty programmes

Will AI define the loyalty programmes of the future?

Brands that want to retain or win back customer loyalty must deliver meaningful offers and experiences at the right time and place

Hybrid cloud

Insights: Facing the cyber-unknown in the hybrid cloud labyrinth

According to IBM Security researchers, 45 per cent of breaches in 2021 happened in the cloud


How organisations can optimise bots for best performance

Building better bots necessitates more than simply training a language model and then deploying it in a channel

creator economy

You need to be creative to keep up with the creator economy

The challenging times of 2023 will function as a great motivator for the industry

Anna Skigin CEO of Frank Porter, on why people prefer short-term lets over hotels

Insights: Why people are choosing short-term lets over hotels 

Short-term lets have increased by more than 100 per cent in the emirate since the Dubai government relaxed laws around private property owners letting their homes out on Airbnb

E-commerce global technology

E-commerce: Local adaptation of global technology

The overall success in the field of e-commerce is predominantly dependent on new forms of global technologies


How to lead a successful hybrid organisation in 2023

Hybrid work requires a suitable environment to support successful outcomes that enable a suitable working environment