Blockchain solar

Top 5 benefits of investing in blockchain-based solar energy programmes

Blockchain has the potential to spur sustainable development through increased efficiency and reduced environmental impacts


Insights: Embedding cyber resilience is key to a security strategy

Being cyber resilient ensures an organisation’s ability to mitigate damage, recover and continue business processes in the face of an adverse cyber event


Privacy-by-design can be a source of value and opportunity, not cost

In 2023, expect privacy technology to undergo significant standardisation


Three digital platforms that will define the workplace of 2023

Workforces across the region continue to fine-tune their ambitions, outlooks and expectations


Saudi 2.0: Digital technologies underpinning the kingdom’s economic landscape

The kingdom’s objective is to become a more prosperous economy, whereby Saudi is ranked among the top 15 economies worldwide by 2030


Why workflow automation is the quickest path to value in digital transformation

A digital transformation approach that prioritises platforms over solutions is in a far better position to succeed


New hires may spark increase in phishing attacks in 2023, predicts Mimecast

Experts from Mimecast share key insights into the threat landscape


Top 5 cybersecurity threats to look out for this holiday season

Online shopping has seen a massive uptick and this growth has attracted new cyberthreats, with scammers taking advantage of unsuspecting shoppers in a various ways


Here’s how the Middle East’s $4bn edtech sector could transform learning

Edtech’s potential to improve learning around the world is vast, whether in day to day school settings, or during humanitarian emergencies


Insights: Debate on virtual land

The concept of virtual land has been polarising for various reasons


The key elements of robust data security in healthcare

Healthcare is one of the key industries targetted for data breaches and last year saw the greatest number of incidents, with 45 million people affected globally

shop online

How to shop safely online by avoiding common scams

Although online shopping is extremely convenient, consumers should always be alert when looking for the top offers


Awareness and cooperation key to warding off cyberattacks

The increase in cyberthreats is driven by digitisation of various aspects of lives, creating valuable sources of information for threat actors

chargebacks retailers

Top five ways retailers can reduce chargebacks and prevent fraud

Chargebacks are among the biggest issues facing merchants today


Leveraging the power of sustainable cold chains to safeguard food security

According to recent research, approximately one third of the food produced is getting wasted which puts pressure on consumers to change their behaviour


Will it be business as usual after COP27?

COP27 and COP28, being held in Egypt and the UAE respectively, place the Middle East at the centre in efforts against climate change. Here’s what the region can contribute towards building sustainable future


Insights: Bridging the gaps in cybersecurity with cyber resilience

Organisations must internally promote cyber resilience, a crucial component of cybersecurity today


Here’s how artificial intelligence can enhance the metaverse

The correct use of AI and its adoption is pivotal to maintaining the best practice and stepping into the future with metaverse


Why is the world moving towards the metaverse?

Studies have shown that the metaverse creates a higher level of understanding, faster learning and deeper personal relations

autonomous Data

Autonomous data management: A golden future for data

When autonomous data management takes over, artificial intelligence can enable proactive decision making and policy application at a much more granular level


Blockchain trends to look for in 2023

From IT to financial services, government, healthcare and other industries, blockchain is changing how we do business and share information


Infobip helps MENA customers become digital transformation pioneers

Since 2006, Infobip has grown to become the world’s most connected cloud communication platform, and achieved $1bn in revenue in 2020


Why a digital-first approach is the way to go for financial services to ensure growth

The transformation of financial services is more important than ever. Here’s why…

Data employees

How to protecting your company’s data when employees leave

A new wave of intelligent data classification solutions greatly improves both visibility and accuracy


It’s time to drop the ‘e’ from e-commerce

Ensure the right reaction from your target audience with these pointers

Everyday AI

Insights: Building a value-added culture of everyday AI

Here are the six key factors that can help the process

Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility: Making sure technology works for everyone

Accessibility needs to be integrated into all induction training, carefully tailored to the new employee’s role, whether it be design, development or programme management

Digital dentistry

Insights: The changing world of digital dentistry

Technology is transforming dentistry for the better, and new imaging technology has paved the way


SMS phishing: how cloud migration has opened the door to a new cyber-foe

The interconnectivity of cloud environments makes it easier for attackers to initiate lateral movement — hopping from endpoint to host to application to sensitive data


Solving the people problem: How to put people first in cybersecurity culture

A cybersecurity culture is underpinned by key principles – people’s shared attitudes, perceptions and beliefs