How to lead a successful hybrid organisation in 2023
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How to lead a successful hybrid organisation in 2023

How to lead a successful hybrid organisation in 2023

Hybrid work requires a suitable environment to support successful outcomes that enable a suitable working environment

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Even though the world is getting ready to embrace the upcoming recession, leaders across the UAE have reported to be ‘very optimistic’ for the next year. However, the slowdown in the economy has shifted business leaders’ focus on new solutions that promote growth and optimism.

In the early days of the pandemic, many organisations suffered from a decline in performance. Intense workload, ineffective communication, and feeling disconnected from their organisation were a few of the reasons employees were unable to perform at the same level.

In December 2021, a Gartner survey showed that only one in four employees felt entirely connected to their organisation.

In the same report, it was clear that organisations with strong internal communications performed better by 33 per cent.

The UAE government has built economic resilience since the pandemic; has embraced new strategies to withstand future challenges. With that, the majority of businesses in the UAE expect an increase in their profits in 2023.

Entering the recession with an ineffective corporate culture can lead to more roadblocks than an organisation expects. Ignoring such challenges will cause a decline in productivity and performance. Resolving these challenges will secure long-term success.

How to overcome the workforce challenges in hybrid work

The journey of hybrid work is highly impactful and growing. According to a recent survey, the extent of hybrid work impacting the workplace was stated to be major in 2022.

As we can see now, hybrid work has been mandated entirely in workplaces today. However, how can one navigate through the hybrid era successfully?

A significant element of achieving a successful hybrid work model is to bring people together and get closer to our customers. Underlying the issues in the workforce helps implement the correct solutions. It takes a lot of effort to reshape the hybrid culture. However, taking this direction is critical.

Hybrid work requires a suitable environment to support successful outcomes that enable a suitable working environment. Developing new methods of support that include a welcoming approach ensures employee satisfaction and higher working engagement. It is important to sustain a collaborative team to keep the work dynamic flowing. Moreover, to sustain that deep connection within the organisation.

Crafting the office is one of the many components that help keep a positive working environment and encourage employees to have a better experience when returning to the office. Keeping a balance between those in the room and those who aren’t.

Research has shown that 77 per cent of organisations plan to repurpose offices to help enhance office productivity.

A creative space generates a new way of thinking and working. It is essential to enable these changes to sustain the desired outcomes.

Investing in new and better technology

Using new technology is exciting, as it will make employees’ jobs easier. Although 47 per cent of office workers stated that they have received training on how to use new technology. Looking into the working world today, training on how to adopt the tools being offered is important as it will support the staff to develop their desired goals and aim for maximum productivity.

The right space needs to be supported with technology. Providing the correct tools gives the advantage of setting up an excellent office experience.

Bob Aoun is the regional sales director – MENA, Poly at HP

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