Sachin Gadoya of Musafir talks about the future of business travel

Insight: Embracing the future of business travel

We explore key trends that are reshaping the landscape of business travel

Siham AlBalooshi, Vice President – Emiratisation, People & Culture, Al Ghurair Investment on empowering women Image Supplied

Insights: Empowering Emirati women and fostering career success

Through an inclusive approach of being people oriented, organisations can help level the playing field and redefine the possibilities for women in the workforce

Kais Zribi, General Manager - MEA, Coursera on Women Empowerment Image supplied

Insights: Empowering UAE women for a transformative AI-driven future

Upskilling Emirati women in AI and related fields will not only equip them with vital tech skills but also open doors to emerging sectors and leadership positions

Protiviti's George Thomas on the M&A trends

Opinion: Will M&A transactions continue to surge in the Middle East?

Regional integration efforts like the GCC facilitating smoother M&A transactions by streamlining regulations and cross-border investments will support M&A growth

Steven Rees J P Morgan Private Bank inisgnsights on teh recession obessesion and investment trends

Recession obsession: How to navigate a well-telegraphed downturn

Looking to invest? Diversified portfolios can continue to generate strong returns heading into 2024. Read on for these and other tips…

Kevin Rubin, Chief Finance Officer at Alteryx on the role of the modern CFO

The modern CFO: Risk taker or business maker?

With digital transformation added into the mix, the modern CFO role has transformed into that of a future-facing navigator, combining risk mitigation with near-live opportunity mapping


How sustainability is gaining importance in logistics services

Sustainability and supply chain resiliency are expected to reshape the global business environment


On-chain segmentation: Unlocking insights for the region’s rising crypto exchanges

How do exchanges survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market? We take a look…

Reconciling human progress with environmental protection byPascal Grante, Chief Executive Officer, Veolia Near and Middle East image Veolia

Insights: Reconciling human progress with environmental protection

The UAE has put environmental protection at the heart of its development agenda for decades; it was the first country in the GCC to sign the Paris Agreement and launch its Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative

5 tips to achieve financial stability- GettyImages-910730068

5 key tips for financial stability in uncertain times

Building an emergency fund, budgeting, reducing debt, diversifying income streams and planning for the future are all key steps toward achieving financial stability

How AI can transform boardrooms Dr M Muneer image credit Getty Images-1418475387

Insights: How AI can transform boardrooms

Boards can enhance shareholder engagement with AI by analysing shareholder feedback and identifying key concerns and priorities

unified communications

Insights: Why as-a-service model allows for superior unified communications

Cloud-hosted unified communications are directly responsible for operational efficiency at a reduced cost

Kunal Badiani on b uilding brand loyalty with AI-led CEPs

Insights: Customer engagement platforms are key to brand loyalty

Here’s how Middle Eastern brands can leverage AI-driven customer engagement platforms to build loyalty and conversion during challenging conditions

Rashid Aljneibi on charGPT and AI impacting customer relationships Image e& enterprise

Insights: Revolutionising customer support with AI-powered conversations  

ChatGPT provides businesses with a powerful tool for automating routine tasks, improving customer interactions and reducing costs

economic substance

Insights: Economic substance regulations in the UAE

Economic substance refers to the tangible and real economic activity that a company carries out

Eugene Willemsen pepsico_CEO AMESA on ensuring packaging doesnt enter landfills Image PepsiCo

Insights: Building a world where packaging never becomes waste

Investing in sustainable packaging alternatives needs to go hand in hand with waste management efforts to improve collection and recycling infrastructure

Ewa Gadomska on how to create your own personal brand_2022 image credit Ewa Gadomska

Insights: Here’s how to create your own premium personal brand

We look at effective strategies to create your own personal brand, and how to live and embody it in every way to succeed at work and business

Charles Mellagui of Ducab Sustainability in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Insights: Sustainability in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 can help manufacturing companies achieve their sustainability goals by improving operating efficiency, optimising cost, and eliminating sustainability issues right at the point of product design

Armin Moradi - Co-Founder & CEO at Qashio on importance of accounting automation for corporate tax Image credit Qashio

The importance on accounting automation in UAE’s corporate tax era

Businesses must assess their finance technology stack to check if the tools can effectively manage the new processes required and if the systems in place integrate efficiently to allow for seamless automation

Leadership lessons ADMC Michigan Power of flexing Sue Ashford

Leadership lessons: The power of flexing and its impact

How emerging leaders can own their growth and discover best practices from learning experiences

Gavin Aspden PwC ethics and accountability

Accountability: Building trust and ethics in the digital age

With clear ethical frameworks and accountability in place, businesses can have the confidence that they are acting morally and ensure trust is maintained by protecting their data

service robots

Insights: The rise of service robots

Proven Robotics’ Mohammed Aldousari, regional robotics lead, outlines the transition of robots from industrial applications to service roles that bisect and positively impact day-to-day human life

Hospitality trends: Witty D’silva, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing, Leva Hotels

Insights: 6 key trends driving growth in the hospitality sector

From hyper-personalisation to OTAs and bleisure travel to budget travel, we look at the developments boosting the hospitality industry

Measuring Climate risk insights from bloomberg LP

Opinion: Measuring climate risk and its importance

To determine a company’s exposure to climate-related risks investors need non-financial data, unlike for traditional types of financial risk

quiet quitters

Watch out for those quiet quitters

A welcoming and nurturing atmosphere creates a productive, committed team


Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion: A must for every organisation in today’s world

Various studies confirm that companies that are diverse, equitable and inclusive are more creative, better able to respond to challenges, attract and retain talent


Insights: Crypto silver linings to build up in 2023

Focusing on engaging with regulators and policymakers to ensure secure and sustainable growth of the crypto ecosystem is key


Here’s how the metaverse is empowering content creators

The metaverse isn’t just a new way of socialising and creating content

loyalty programmes

Will AI define the loyalty programmes of the future?

Brands that want to retain or win back customer loyalty must deliver meaningful offers and experiences at the right time and place

Hybrid cloud

Insights: Facing the cyber-unknown in the hybrid cloud labyrinth

According to IBM Security researchers, 45 per cent of breaches in 2021 happened in the cloud