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How technology is transforming the fitness industry

How technology is transforming the fitness industry

Enhancing user experience by combining both traditional and new-age methods is more important to keep people motivated


The ever-growing prevalence and consciousness of sustaining an active lifestyle has caused a shift in individuals taking a more independent approach to their fitness regimes. As a consequence, more fitness technology tools and products continue to flood the market, building a strong affinity amongst fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike. Thus, enabling the prospect intended for consumers to focus on the health and wellness journey more precisely.

There is no doubt that technology and artificial intelligence have revolutionised our lives, not only shaping how we do business, but more importantly how we care for our health, fitness, and physical wellbeing. As technological headway continues to evolve in the fitness industry, enhancing the user experience by combining both traditional and new-age methods is more important to keep people motivated and on track throughout their fitness journeys. In addition to this, as health and fitness increasingly become a priority for people following the Covid-19 pandemic, fitness-industry providers, in turn, must keep up with the times by ramping up their value propositions through technology, apps and immersive fitness experiences. 

Today’s most-used fitness tech range from apps and wearable technology, to digital fitness platforms and equipment. Each gadget in its own right provides valuable data about the progress and help users track their fitness goals more efficiently. In addition to helping drive the motivation of users, pushing them to live a more active lifestyle, wearable fitness tech gadgets help automate tasks like rep counting, as well as progress tracking, macro tracking, heart rate, blood pressure and other variables that affect active energy.

We see the expansion of tech gadgets from smartwatches, monitoring devices, headphones, as well as applications using augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. These have been vital in providing solutions throughout all niches in the fitness industry. The uprise and demand for immersive fitness experiences converged with technology has pushed gyms across the globe to improve and modify their facilities to provide their members with a 360–degree approach to health and fitness through connected devices.

As fitness providers, we see technology as a way to empower our members to take an active role in their health and wellbeing. Major fitness brands across the region are creating all-encompassing facilities that not only test the traditional fitness business model but also leverage technologies to offer integrated fitness experiences for their members. Some of these technologies include apps which are integrated with gym equipment and connected by sensors. This provides gym-goers access to data-backed performance information to push them towards achieving their fitness goals.

In addition, immersive fitness experiences, such as indoor cycling now offer data-backed apps that analyses various performance attributes such as heart rate, power, cadence, speed, distance and energy burned. Another pre-requisite that gym-goers now frequently request from their facilities is ways to measure their body composition, to achieve their fitness goals in the most efficient way. Due to these high demands, any gym that is considered to be state-of-the-art will be equipped with 3D health and fitness scanning technologies.

It is undeniable that the health and fitness industry has seen an immense transformation through the widespread use of technology. The business model for the future will converge into a hybrid of traditional and new-age elements, with a focus on incorporating an extensive range of advanced technologies to empower members to track their efforts.

Dr Dimitri Koutsoubakis is the CEO at Wellfit

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