More heavy rainfall forecast in Saudi this week
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More heavy rainfall forecast in Saudi this week

More heavy rainfall forecast in Saudi this week

Heavy rain and floods are expected to continue across the kingdom for the next two days


Saudi Arabia is set for another two days of heavy rainfall across different regions, according to a weather expert.

Light to heavy rains will continue across the country until November 26, local daily Arab News quoted Mansour Almazroui, director of the Centre of Excellence for Climate Change Research as saying.

He said these conditions will stretch across northern, southwestern and eastern parts of Saudi, likely causing flash floods in these regions.

Desert travellers have been advised to stay away from valleys and reefs during heavy outbursts of rain.

The kingdom has been experiencing adverse weather conditions for the last few weeks.

More than 30 people have been killed across the kingdom due to accidents caused by heavy rains and flooding, according to officials.

Thousands of people have also been evacuated from their homes and moved to temporary accommodation elsewhere.

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Saudi’s General Directorate of Civil Defence has urged everyone to take safety precautions until these conditions has passed.

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Other GCC countries including Kuwait and the UAE have also seen adverse weather conditions in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, Kuwait was forced to briefly suspend all departing flights due to bad weather conditions.


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