Giordano Unveils Expansion Plans, Web Store
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Giordano Unveils Expansion Plans, Web Store

Giordano Unveils Expansion Plans, Web Store

Global fashion store will launch 14 more regional stores this year.

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Giordano, the Hong Kong-founded no-frills clothes store, is set to open 14 more stores in the region by the end of 2012.

The fashion chain’s expansion plans will include stores in Palestine and Mozambique.

Giordano currently has 2600 locations around the world, with 226 stores across the Middle East and 1200 stores in China.

“Africa will be the next big market,” said Ishwar Chugani, executive director of Giordano Middle East, Africa and India.

“The more difficult the market to enter, the more growth potential,” he added.

Chugani added that the company will also expand in Saudi Arabia, which is the largest Middle East market with 80 stores.

“The market is tightening up a bit this year, however, we saw 12 per cent growth for the year up to the end of March 2012,” Chugani said.

Giordano also launched its first e-commerce platform for the Middle East on Monday.

The website aims to deliver goods to consumers in the UAE within five days, with free delivery for goods over Dhs150 via Aramex and a returns-friendly policy.

Online shopping is not yet popular in the region but Chugani said he is counting on Giordano’s brand to overcome cultural e-commerce barriers.

“The challenge will be to convince people,” he said.

The website will be a complementary revenue stream for the next six months for the clothing firm, but five per cent of Giordano sales will come from the website within two years, Chugani said.

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