Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Ireland, Singapore, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Bahrain, Austria
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Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Ireland, Singapore, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Bahrain, Austria

Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions: Ireland, Singapore, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Bahrain, Austria

Here’s a list of eight participating country pavilions and their offerings


Expo 2020 Dubai is the very first world expo where every participating country has its own pavilion.

Each of the 192 country pavilions – spread across the three main districts of sustainability, mobility and opportunity – will have the chance to showcase their innovations and strategies.

Here’s a glimpse at another eight of the 192 pavilions at this year’s event.

Location: Mobility District | Architect: Ciarán O’Connor 

Ireland’s theme for Expo 2020 Dubai is ‘Putting Creativity at the Centre of Human Experience in the 21st Century’.

The pavilion is inspired by both classical western and Islamic architectural traditions and features two conjoined, square elements. Upon entering the pavilion, visitors will step into the Oculus Room, which will offer an immersive, visual and vocal experience of Irish culture. Meanwhile, The Courtyard will showcase regular Irish music performances by an in-house ensemble.

Location: Sustainability District | Architect: Woha

Operating under the theme ‘Nature. Nurture. Future.’, Singapore’s ‘net zero energy’ pavilion will see 100 per cent of its energy demands met by 517 solar panels on the roof canopy.

Visitors can walk through a three-dimensional greenery setting with forest trees, nine-metre garden cones and hanging gardens all around them in an experience similar to what they would find should they visit the Gardens by the Bay attraction in the city-state.

Also, three wall-climbing robots will be employed to monitor the health of plants, detecting symptoms such as water deficiency and parasitic infection among them. Furthermore, saline water drawn from underground will be desalinated on site.

Location: Mobility District | Architect: Tchoban Speech 

The colourful dome-shaped façade houses a sprawling 4,562 sqm pavilion, which is operating under the theme of ‘Creative Mind: Driving the Future’. During the course of the six-month long Expo, the pavilion will host an exhibition that will present the creative contributions of Russia to the world.

In cooperation with ANO and National Exhibition Operator, the project will also highlight the fundamental role of the human mind in achieving a better world and will introduce visitors to Russian music, culture and fashion.

Location: Opportunity District | Architect: Boris Micka Associates

Spread across a total area of 13,059 sqm, the Saudi pavilion – which is LEED Platinum certified – is the second largest at the Expo and features a colossal inclined mirror screen as its façade.

The six-storey structure will take visitors on a journey across the kingdom, with simulations of several Saudi cultural sites as well as displays of the country’s new upcoming giga-projects. A massive art exhibition, dubbed the ‘Vision’, will house a giant, multi-faceted 30-metre diameter globe with an interactive floor while the Business Park will offer a space to discuss investment opportunities.

Location: Sustainability District | Architect: Formosaaa

The two-storey structure is intended to be an exhibit in itself. Using a canopy of intertwined pipes (nicknamed spaghetti monster), the pavilion’s S.A.W.E.R system showcases a Czech-developed technology which uses solar energy to draw water from the air and convert arid land mixed with subsurface cultures into fertile soil. Inside, you’ll find a ceiling-to-floor hand blown glass installation from Lasvit.

The top floor will host a mix of permanent and rotating exhibitions, the latter changing every fortnight. Among the permanent exhibits, remember to see Nanoworld – where Czech technology has been used to create fibres that are 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Location: Opportunity District | Architect: OOS

Switzerland was the very first country to confirm its participation in the Expo.

The Swiss pavilion, themed around the concept of ‘Reflections’, features interiors offering a multi-sensory experience where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural landscape of the Alpine country. Top of the agenda at the many rotating industry-focused exhibitions inside will the country’s major sectors including pharmaceuticals, research, education and technology.

On display at the pavilion will also be an AI-backed digital Einstein developed by experts at ETH Zurich that can hear, see and interact with visitors. Also on offer inside will be Swiss culinary specialties, not least of which include a Sprüngli Boutique and Café.

Image Courtesy: Bahrain Pavilion Instagram

Location: Opportunity District | Architect: Christian Kerez

The pavilion’s main area is an underground open plan space of experience and innovation. It offers artisanal elements in the face of live weaving stations to experience different techniques from loom-weaving to traditional embroidery, as well as indigenous local cuisines. The space also lends visitors a look at technologies deployed in carbon fiber and fiber-glass manufacturing.

Image Courtesy: Expo Austria Instagram

Location: Opportunity District | Architect: Querkraft

Hosting the 1873 Expo, Austria’s connection to the event dates back more than 100 years. The Austria Pavilion aims to takes visitors on a journey through spectacular spatial sequences, conflating sensory and digital experiences.

The “Austria makes sense” programme reflects a holistic concept aiming to combine people, technology, and the environment in an engaging experience. Meanwhile, iLab, a special space, will showcase forward-looking solutions from the country.

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