Insights: Empowering Emirati women and fostering success
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Insights: Empowering Emirati women and fostering career success

Insights: Empowering Emirati women and fostering career success

Through an inclusive approach of being people oriented, organisations can help level the playing field and redefine the possibilities for women in the workforce

Siham AlBalooshi, Vice President – Emiratisation, People & Culture, Al Ghurair Investment on empowering women Image Supplied

At the heart of the UAE, a transformative journey is underway — one that underscores the pivotal role of Emirati women in propelling the nation’s Emiratisation initiative forward.

As the UAE focuses on bolstering its domestic workforce, the empowerment of Emirati women emerges as a cornerstone of this movement. Through dedicated efforts and progressive approaches, Emirati women are breaking down traditional barriers, stepping into diverse sectors, and reshaping the landscape of innovation and Emiratisation.

For this to succeed, companies across the region must support their efforts, and champion the cause of women, by providing them with opportunities to forge fulfilling careers. across a myriad of industries.

A model for equal opportunities, organisations must strive to offer a diverse array of roles across sectors to both men and women, for both expatriates and Emiratis alike. Adamant on breaking down the barriers that have historically kept women out of certain industries.

From engineering, construction, manufacturing to finance, and beyond, organisations should aim to provide a platform for women to excel in roles that were once considered male-dominated. This shift in perspective can effectively contribute to the reshaping of industries and the empowerment of women across the UAE.

Encouraging women to thrive

Organisations must be resolute in their efforts to eliminate gender bias from career paths. By encouraging Emirati women to explore opportunities across a wide range of sectors, there will be ample opportunities for challenging stereotypes and demonstrating that women can thrive in any field. Through an inclusive approach of being people oriented, organisations can help level the playing field and redefine the possibilities for women in the workforce.

The recognition that learning and development is the cornerstone of progress will drive organisations towards fostering an environment that not only prioritises learning but also empowers every Emirati female. Afterall, they are expected to provide opportunities for people to be purpose-led, and to performance, learn, and grow. To that end, developing an all-encompassing approach that offers a comprehensive array of opportunities for personal and professional growth tailored to the unique strengths and aspirations of each individual remains essential.

From honing critical thinking skills and project management expertise to nurturing soft skills that transcend boundaries, a commitment to education is resolute. However, this commitment must extend far beyond theoretical learning, placing Emirati women at the centre of real-world on-the-job experiences across core corporate functions. In doing so, organisations ensure a holistic understanding of the business landscape, propelling these women toward meaningful empowerment.

Recognising that learning is personal means organisations need to be dedicated to recognising and nurturing the unique passions and talents of each Emirati woman across their businesses. Through bespoke ‘on the job’ training plans crafted for its graduate trainee’s, organisations prove their commitment to driving the growth of individuals.

These plans must be carefully curated to align with professional aspirations, ensuring that curiosity is met with guidance, and enthusiasm is met with resources. This approach empowers Emirati women to flourish as they pursue their passions across the multitude of roles available within these organisations.

An essential pillar of a well-developed Emiratisation strategy is mentorship – an avenue that has proved invaluable in empowering Emirati women on their career journeys. Seasoned professionals who are upskilled and certified to be Mentors, should be thoughtfully paired with budding talents, creating a symbiotic relationship where skills, knowledge, and experiences are exchanged freely. This mentorship goes beyond skill development; it ignites a passion for progress, fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and aspirations are nurtured.

Organisations seeking to make an impact need to treat diversity beyond a symbolic act, driving active involvement from Emirati women across their workplaces. Through providing opportunities and upskilling local women, organsiations can create a strong female-led workforce, breaking stereotypes as they create leaders for the future.

In conclusion, through rich Emiratisation programmes, particularly focused on supporting and advancing Emirati women, organisations can drive change from within. By embracing gender equality, fostering personal and professional growth, and championing mentorship, we not only enhance the careers of people but also contribute to the advancement of the UAE’s workforce and society at large.

The writer is vice president – Emiratisation, People & Culture, Al Ghurair Investment

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