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Emirates ID to Replace Labour Card

Emirates ID to Replace Labour Card

Employed UAE residents will not need a labour card from the end of June, an official from the labour ministry has confirmed.

Expatriates working the UAE will no longer need labour cards in three months from now, an official from the Ministry of Labour has said.

The Emirates ID card, which all residents need to have by June this year, will be used in place of the labour card, he said.

“The document which was essential for any employee in the country will now be replaced by the Emirates ID and there will no longer be a need to have a labour card by the end of June,” the official was quoted as saying by Gulf News. “They will not need to carry too many cards after the ID registration is completed by June this year.”

The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has also said the process of linking the Emirates ID card with the residence visas will be completed by April 1.

While the last day for the ID card registration for Sharjah residents was February 1, Abu Dhabi residents have to register by April 1 and Dubai residents by June 1.

Those who do not register in time will be fined Dhs20 per day upto a maximum of Dhs1,000.

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