Dubai’s Route 2020 metro project on track for completion in 2019 – RTA

So far, 50 per cent of the main tunneling works of the project has been completed

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that work is progressing on track on its Route 2020 metro expansion project with overall completion on track for 2019.

So far, 50 per cent of the main tunneling works of the project has been completed, while the construction of stations is now between 4 to 42 per cent complete.

The first of the new metro carriages are expected to arrive in July this year. Construction works in viaducts are expected to be completed in November 2018 and all rail works are anticipated to be ready in July 2019, the RTA stated.

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The authority awarded a Dhs10.6bn ($2.88bn) contract for project to the Expolink Consortium led by France’s Alstom in June 2016.

When completed, the 15km route will link the Nakheel Harbour and Tower station on the metro’s Red Line to the Expo 2020 site, passing through areas including Discovery Gardens, Furjan, Jumeirah Golf Estates and Dubai Investment Park.

Around 3.2km of track between Discovery Gardens and Green Community will be underground, with the remaining 11.8km overground.

Of the seven stations, three will be elevated and two underground. The line will be served by 15 trains.

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The tunneling works started last October. The giant Tunnel Boring Machine, known as ‘Al Wugeisha Expo 2020,’ commenced tunnel drilling works at Al Furjan, passed across the Discovery Gardens and reached the underground station nearby Jumeirah Golf Estates, last February.

It will continue tunneling works up to the Dubai Investment Park, and all tunnel-related works are scheduled for completion in December this year, a statement said.

Al Wugeisha can crush stones and penetrate through sandy layers or any soil components encountered during the drilling process. It has a huge metal gear supported by an automated tail. At the front, it has a cutting wheel with a cavity the shape of which varies according to the type of drilling and soil layers. The single concrete ring has six to seven molds, each ring measures about 1.5m in diameter.

Meanwhile the architectural, constructional and electromechanical designs are being developed for the Expo station and the Nakheel Harbour and Tower station.

The completion rate has reached 42 per cent at the underground station at Jumeirah Golf Estates; 8 per cent at the underground station at DIP; 14 per cent in the elevated station at Al Furjan; 12 per cent in the elevated station at the Discovery Gardens; 7 per cent in Expo station, and 3 per cent at the Nakheel Harbour and Tower station.

The RTA also confirmed that the deep foundations of Nakheel Harbour and Tower station are now 50 per cent done. The footbridge linking the station and the Park-N-Ride Terminal has been removed to start construction works in the new station.

The project contractor has completed construction works in the deep foundations and pillars at the Gardens area.

Work has also started in casting reinforced concrete for the foundations of the main building of Expo station.

Meanwhile, about 60 of viaduct segments have been installed in various parts of the project.

The RTA plans to start the test-run of the metro in February 2020.