RTA reduces speed limit on Dubai-Hatta Road
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Dubai: RTA reduces speed limit on Dubai-Hatta Road

Dubai: RTA reduces speed limit on Dubai-Hatta Road

The new speed limit zone on the Dubai-Hatta Road covers approximately six kilometres

Dubai-Hatta Road Speed limit reduced

Motorists using the Dubai-Hatta Road should take into consideration the latest announcement from Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Starting January 12, RTA has reduced the speed limit on Dubai-Hatta Road in the sector extending between Dubai, Ajman and Al Hosn Roundabout from 100 km/h to 80 km/h. The zone covers approximately 6 kilometres.

Existing speed limit signs showing 100 km/h have been replaced with 80 km/h signs.  Red lines will also be marked at the start of the speed reduction zone to alert drivers according to the traffic safety standards in place.

Speed limit change based on study

The speed reduction was made in coordination between RTA and Dubai Police Headquarters, based on a study that took into consideration the Hatta Master Development Plan.

The study detailed improvement opportunities for Dubai-Hatta Road and a forecast for future traffic volumes on the road.

RTA continuously reviews speed limits on key Dubai roads and relies on Dubai’s speed management manual aligned with the top international standards.

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In recent developments, RTA announced that Al Safa Metro station, located on the Red Line, will be fully rebranded as Onpassive Metro Station for 10 years. The station’s naming rights have been given to Onpassive, a global AI technology company.

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