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Dubai resident detained for ‘illegally’ promoting charity released on bail

Dubai resident detained for ‘illegally’ promoting charity released on bail

Australian-British national Scott Richards was arrested in late July


A Dubai resident who was detained by police for allegedly promoting a charity that is not registered in the UAE has now been released on bail, according to reports.

Australian-British national Scott Richards was arrested from his home in Dubai on July 28, his legal representative Radha Stirling said.

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Richards, who works as an economic development advisor, was being held in the detention centre at Al Murraqabat Police Station.

His mother confirmed to Australia’s ABC News that Richards was now back at home.

“Scott has been released on conditional bail, he still has a court appearance,” she said.

“At the moment he is thankful to be home with his family and we are very relieved. He was getting sick in jail so we’re glad he’s now home and safe with his family for the time being.

“It’s just a matter of getting through until the court case.”

According to Stirling, Richards was volunteering with Camp Qambar in Afghanistan to coordinate the logistics of distributing UN-standard tarpaulins.

He also promoted the ‘The Keep Qambar Camp Warm’ campaign – run by a US registered charity – on his social media accounts.

The father of two was detained under a 2015 law that prohibits promoting non-UAE registered charities, said Stirling.

The decree no (9) of 2015 was issued to regulate fundraising and charitable donations in Dubai. It prohibits collecting donations or advertising fundraising campaigns without obtaining written approval from the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

Officials warned last year that violators could face a prison term of between two months to one year and fines ranging from Dhs5,000 to Dhs100,000 depending on the court’s ruling.

However, Richard’s mother said he was not fundraising and was only volunteering.

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