Woman faces trial for allegedly ‘insulting’ Dubai airport employee | UAE News Woman faces trial for allegedly ‘insulting’ Dubai airport employee | UAE News
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Woman faces trial for allegedly ‘insulting’ Dubai airport employee

Woman faces trial for allegedly ‘insulting’ Dubai airport employee

The woman took his picture and threatened to post it on social media


A woman is facing charges of insulting an airport employee in Dubai after she threatened to post his picture on social media.

The Asian woman – a visitor to the country – allegedly approached the airport employee to complain about a problem that she had with an airline, according to Dubai public prosecution officials.

However, the employee admitted that he was not authorised to deal with the issue and called another person to help her sort out the matter.

The second person offered her a solution which she was not happy with. Losing her cool, she reportedly abused both of them verbally. She also threatened to take their pictures and post them on Facebook to express her anger.

During the investigation by Dubai public prosecution, the woman admitted that she lost her temper due to the problem with the airline and that she vented it out on the employee who had nothing to do with the issue.

However, she also argued that she had the right of expression to take pictures of anyone.

The prosecution has now referred the case to the Court of Misdemeanours.

Officials have advised visitors and residents to respect and deal politely with public employees and to try and resolve any issues calmly and in a civilised manner.

They have also cautioned against the use of coercion and inappropriate language.

The prosecution has also stressed that the laws currently protect all individuals against the “misuse of modern technology” in the breach of others’ privacy or in any attempt to blackmail or threaten to defame them against their privacy rights.

The UAE has very strict laws concerning the use of social media. Most recently, the interior ministry reissued a warning that those caught spreading rumours on social media networks could face a jail term of up to three years.

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