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Dubai car number plate R13 sells for Dhs2.9m at RTA auction

Dubai car number plate R13 sells for Dhs2.9m at RTA auction

Dubai’s RTA has raised Dhs27.75m by selling 80 car number plates

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has raised Dhs27.75m by selling 80 car number plates at an auction on Saturday.

The RTA’s 95th licencing open plates auction saw four licence plates receiving the highest bid amounts, Dubai Media Office said in a statement.

Number plate R13 fetched the highest bid of Dhs2.92m, while number plate H33 was sold for Dhs2.82m. The third highest bid was received for licence number O69 at Dhs1.68m, while S66666 was sold for Dhs680,000.

The auction saw “fierce competition between bidders hailing from the all community segments”, a statement said.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, said: “The Dhs27.751m revenue raised from the 95th Open Auction reflects the remarkable popularity of such commercial activity organised by RTA.

“The number auctions organised by the RTA are characterised by transparency and enthusiasm. They measure up to the aspirations of customers who seek exclusivity in this regard. Such auctions suffice the needs and aspirations of number plate enthusiasts,” he added.

The auction of exclusive number plates garners strong interest in the UAE.

In October last year, a Dubai-based Indian businessman bought the D5 number plate for Dhs33m in what was described as the biggest auction in the Roads and Transport Authority’s history.

Balwinder Sahani, owner of property management firm RSG International, beat competition from other VIPs to secure the plate after paying Dhs25m for the number O9 last year.

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However, in November, an Emirati businessman who bought the car plate Number 1 for Dhs31m at an auction in Abu Dhabi was charged with fraud after his cheque bounced.

The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution charged the man with fraud and sentenced him to seven days in custody.

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