Here's a chance to name Museum of the Future's latest robotic pet
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Here’s a chance to name Museum of the Future’s latest robotic pet

Here’s a chance to name Museum of the Future’s latest robotic pet

A four-legged canine has joined the museum’s growing robot community

Divsha Bhat

Dubai’s Museum of the Future has introduced a robodog, and is beckoning people to name its futuristic pet.

Members of the public can take to the museum’s social media handles to suggest peppy, creative names.

The agile four-legged canine, the latest addition to the museum’s robotic offering, has 3D vision and moves using 17 joints. The robodog, which is an advanced robot that uses machine learning, will greet visitors in the museum lobby. People will also be able to interact with the pet and play with it.

Designed by US-based tech firm Boston Dynamics, the robodog can map terrain and avoid obstacles as well as balance on uneven surfaces with 360-degree perception.

The canine’s base platform provides advanced mobility and perception to navigate stairs, gravel and rough terrain, while collecting 2D and 3D information with on-board sensors.

“We are excited to welcome the latest addition to our family of intelligent robots,” commented Majed Al Mansoori, deputy executive director at the Museum of the Future.

“With Ameca, the robodog, and others, the Museum of the Future enables visitors to meet some of the most cutting-edge and advanced robots and AI systems currently on the market.”

The museum is home to a slew of the most advanced technologies and robots, which includes but is not limited to Ameca, the AI-powered humanoid robot; Bob, the robot barista; a robotic flying penguin and a flying jellyfish, among others.

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