How Dariush Soudi is driving transformation and inspiring action
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Cover story: How Dariush Soudi is driving transformation, inspiring action

Cover story: How Dariush Soudi is driving transformation, inspiring action

The founder of Gladiator Mastery shares his story and tells us about his life’s mission to uplift and inspire those around him, offering great tips for personal and professional growth

Neesha Salian
Motivational Speaker Dariush Soudi on gladiator mastery Image Motivate Media Group

In a world where motivational speakers are aplenty, Dariush Soudi stands out. His skill lies not just in his rousing words but in the profound connection he forges with people.

Soudi is driven by an unrelenting passion and deep compassion to help individuals discover their potential and find their path to a brighter future. It’s not hard to believe, as Soudi walks the talk: his indomitable spirit and resilience are hard-won, complemented by a warm, self-effacing manner and humour. Challenges faced during his boyhood days in Iran and England, being bullied for being dyslexic, surviving a traumatic attack in his home, and enduring a heart attack are just some of the experiences he has had to overcome. These were driving factors in pushing him toward a career in sales where he sought assurance and self-worth.

Dariush Soudi on tough times

Soudi shares: “I started my career in sales because I’m dyslexic and I wasn’t very good academically, but I wanted to make money and sales was the easiest avenue to do that. I loved that I was in control of how much money I made as it was directly linked to my performance –  it boosted my confidence and my ambition. This also kick-started my entrepreneurial journey. I set up and operated various businesses in the UK and subsequently moved to Dubai, where I started life afresh at 44.

“After I landed in Dubai, I needed a job. So I thought about what I was skilled at. I knew I was good at setting up businesses, so I became a consultant. Before September 2009, everybody was making money; they didn’t need a consultant. However, as soon as the recession hit, people needed support and advice. What was a really bad time for everybody else became a good period for me. To add to that, I was determined to succeed and forge my path regardless of the challenges.”

Inspiring people with his story

Subsequently, Soudi founded, managed, and still runs several successful businesses including a family-run consultancy and private venture capital group, ARENA Capital and Consultancy. His endeavours span multiple industries, making him a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience. During his journey, he realised that people from all walks of life didn’t just heed his advice but were also inspired by his journey.

“I used to regularly attend motivational workshops where strangers frequently praised my ‘uplifting’ presence so I decided I was going to take that energy and my knowledge to help people achieve their goals and financial success. People would ask me to share tips and advice based on my experience in business. Ultimately, this laid the foundation for my true calling.”

“Rather than saying I am a motivational coach, I would say I am an inspirational speaker: my goal is to inspire people to take action,” says the entrepreneur and transformational ‘catalyst’.

Soudi’s Gladiator Mastery seminars are action-packed community events where he shares tips and advice to embolden people to take charge of their lives, careers, and businesses.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind event aimed at teaching you how to differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace. This intense and unique event is designed to push your limits and test boundaries you didn’t know existed. You learn tangible skills to take your business to the next level, improve client relationships, convert leads into sales, and much more.

“I created the programme because of my personal experience. I’ve lost millions before and had to rebuild my business from the ground up twice. My goal is to help other entrepreneurs save money, time, and energy through sharing proven strategies and techniques that I used to build my businesses. When most people think of success, they only think about money and I believe that success is having all aspects of your life working together in harmony which is a guide not often shared.”

The format of the event has changed with Soudi’s schedule getting more hectic over the years. “In the past, I would hold a two-day workshop from 8am until 12am, but I’m currently working on a new Gladiator Mastery programme that will enable businesses to train their sales team remotely, which will save time and money,” says Soudi.

Soudi continues: “Around 85 per cent of what I cover in my podcasts and seminars is focused on people’s mindset. Mindset is really important so I tend to focus primarily on that and teach the skills required to strengthen an individual’s mindset. The important part is finding the right people who have the right mindset and the desire to succeed in life.”

Soudi is aware that with the current pace of life, people don’t have too much time on their hands and so he has come up with an innovative way to engage people who sign up for the online programme.

“Currently the average attention span of an individual is 8.25 seconds, which means that training or coaching programmes need to adapt and hold the attention of the audience even more so than ever. Due to this, I’ve created an interactive programme online that requires the participant to engage with the video to move on to the next module. Each module offers valuable lessons and advice that work as a pathway to learning.

“I’ve also created additional material that the participant needs to complete at the end of every module, and as a bonus, all the material will be shared with their sales manager to track their progress.”

So far, his fans are loving it. Soudi’s insights into sales and marketing are invaluable. He emphasises the importance of understanding the value of the problem a business solves in the marketplace. Pricing should reflect this value, and the focus should be on delivering a simple, compelling pitch. Success in sales, he believes, is a numbers game. “Entrepreneurs must reach out to as many prospects as possible and be prepared to address objections while continuously improving their skills. I address all this in my programmes.”

Soudi says there are key ways to ensure people who’ve enrolled in his programme learn more effectively. “We have many companies that tie up with us to train their sales staff. I find that when a participant’s progress is tracked and shared directly with their sales manager, productivity increases, and all of my courses are geared towards implementing action.

“If a person wants to succeed, they have to practice the strategies and techniques shared in my courses; it’s their responsibility. Assuming accountability is the defining factor in one’s success.”

Soudi has also created an exclusive club for high-achieving individuals who are determined to succeed, no matter what it takes. “I’m proud to share some of the benefits include lifetime access to selected courses, bi-weekly coaching sessions from my Gladiator coaches, and monthly sessions from myself.  My team also facilitates networking events so that members receive the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and within the community, members will receive daily tips and industry news.”

Leveraging social media

Using the power of social media, Soudi has also been able to reach a wider audience. He has more than two million followers across all social platforms and 10 million viewers who’ve watched his ‘inspirational‘ videos. “Social media has helped motivational speakers get their message across to a wider audience. If you’re able to leverage social platforms, you won’t need to constantly prove that you’re an expert in your field because the content you publish will do that for you.

“I would say that the only challenge is setting yourself apart from every other motivational speaker, and the only way you can do that is through your personal story. If you always share your personal story, it’ll make you unique and truthful, and the audience will resonate with you. When the audience can resonate with you, they will be inspired.”

Soudi is also leveraging technology as he does social media to enhance the value offered to his followers. “My team and I are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence when it comes to creating content that adds value and motivates users.

“From shooting our podcasts to editing content for my social platforms, we’ve integrated the latest technology to create as much valuable content as possible based on what the audience wants to learn or see.”

Soudi says he is aware of how short life is and the adage “this too shall pass” reminds him to stay in the present, appreciate everything, and avoid procrastination.

“Whether good or bad, life is precious and I want to make the most out of every moment, and follow my purpose. My plans include expanding the international Gladiator Community and inspiring individuals worldwide to lead lives of abundance. My commitment to sharing knowledge and motivating individuals remains unwavering,” he says emphatically.

“I’ve got many programmes and events in the works and look forward to sharing them soon. We’re coordinating with a variety of esteemed keynote speakers to share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics with a wide range of audiences.

“From entrepreneurs, and sales and marketing executives to innovators and individuals who want to take action and change their lives. So watch this space.”

As Soudi continues to lead and innovate, his impact on the world of entrepreneurship and personal development is bound to grow, inspiring individuals to take action, achieve their goals, and live lives of abundance.

Lessons in Gladiator Mastery by Dariush Soudi

  • In my 40 years of experience, I’ve noticed that one key mistake that good leaders make is the inability to delegate and instead micromanage. Micromanaging stops them from letting go of the business and inevitably stunts the business’ growth. I would recommend that leaders structure a strong system and always hire someone who knows more than them because they have to accept that they won’t be experts at everything.
  • Entrepreneurs should understand the value of the problem they are solving in the marketplace (which is their product or solution). The focus should be on the pitch and not the price. The pitch needs to be simple; it should communicate its relevance. It’s important to remember that sales is a numbers game so entrepreneurs should be reaching out to as many people as possible. Be prepared to handle any objections your prospects might have. As an entrepreneur, you need to continuously adapt and sharpen your skills to stay ahead.
  • When most people think of success, they only think about money. I believe that success is having all aspects of your life working together in harmony.
  • I believe in hiring ‘superstars’ to ensure success. These are individuals who are driven, self-motivated and ambitious. My approach involves trusting my team because trust is a two-way street and nothing will be achieved if either side feels uncertain, underappreciated, or distrusted.
  • As an entrepreneur, you need to be clear about your values and if someone doesn’t align with those values they won’t become a valuable member of your team.
    As a leader, you need to inspire your team and understand their goals, and provide them with tools or training needed to achieve them.
  • The world is changing faster than ever, with new advancements in technology. I would say that entrepreneurs need to adapt to change more than ever. If you don’t change and adapt your business models to stay ahead of the curve, you’ll be left behind.

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