Covid-19: Sharjah announces remote working for federal employees
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Covid-19: Sharjah announces remote working for federal employees

Covid-19: Sharjah announces remote working for federal employees

The direction comes into effect February 14 onwards

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The emirate of Sharjah will implement remote working for its federal government employees, as a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus infection.

The direction comes into play February 14 onwards, according to a circular issued by the Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources.

Those employees who are physically required at their workplace to discharge their duties are excluded from this decision.

The ruling is part of a greater set of precautionary measures introduced in Sharjah and across the country to stem the spread of the Covid-19 infection.

Earlier this week, shopping centres and malls in Sharjah were asked to restrict the number of visitors to 60 per cent of their total capacity. Meanwhile cinemas and entertainment centres as well as gyms and fitness centres were permitted to accommodate up to 50 per cent of their total capacity.

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Last week, Dubai also tightened restrictions, reducing capacity of seated indoor venues, including cinemas as well as entertainment and sports venues to 50 per cent and of hotels, malls, swimming pools and private beaches to 70 per cent.

Restaurants and cafes are also required to close by 1am while pubs and bars have been closed.

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The UAE has reported a total of 3,539 Covid-19 infections on February 10, scaling its case count to 336,142. The death toll, meanwhile, stands at 956.

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