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UAE workers want hybrid working arrangements to continue post-Covid

UAE workers want hybrid working arrangements to continue post-Covid

Cisco study says 80% of UAE’s office workers want freedom to choose home or office

A new study by Cisco says 80 per cent of UAE’s office workers want the ability to choose whether to work from home or office and manage their hours, even when offices open up.

Cisco’s Workforce of the Future revealed that 66 per cent of respondents want to maintain the autonomy they experienced during the pandemic lockdown.

Experiencing a better balance of life around work, 67 per cent were able to incorporate more exercise into their daily routine, the study also showed.

Reflecting on the last six months, two thirds (67 per cent) now have a greater appreciation of the benefits and challenges of working from home. Positive changes were afoot, as leaders showed increased trust in their teams to do their jobs well (47 per cent). Additionally, 53 per cent want to continue travelling less and use that time more productively.

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If given the chance to be CEO for a day, respondents said they would prioritise embedding effective communication and collaboration, above everything else.

For this to happen, 73 per cent of employees believe businesses need to provide the workforce with similar technology at home as in the office. Moreover, 72 per cent think more training on technology and digital skills will be fundamental to business success in 2021.

Employees in the UAE believe the 2021 budget priorities for their business should be investing in the technologies needed for remote work and bringing in technology to make the office a safer space from a health perspective.

“The pandemic and the rapid adoption of digital technologies is fundamentally changing the nature of work,” commented Shukri Eid, managing director, Gulf Region, Cisco. “We are seeing new patterns emerge; people want choice and flexibility, teams are more distributed, and a company’s culture is more important than ever. Collaboration technology that uses AI, environmental sensors, and advanced analytics are all critical to empowering employees, keeping teams connected and productive in every location, whilst increasing workplace safety,” he added.

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