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British tourist agrees to pay Dhs170,000 Dubai speeding fine

British tourist agrees to pay Dhs170,000 Dubai speeding fine

The man had been stuck in Dubai since the incident late last month

A British tourist who accrued more than Dhs170,000 ($46,284) in fines after speeding in a rented Lamborghini supercar in Dubai has finally agreed to pay up, according to reports.

Farah Hashi had been stuck in Dubai since the incident when he was caught exceeding the speed limit by 33 radars on Sheikh Zayed road during the early hours of July 31.

On Thursday, the manager of the Dubai car rental firm that supplied the vehicle said he had reached a deal with Hashi at the police station to resolve the dispute, according to The National.

Mohammed Ibrahim of Saeed Ali Rent a Car had previously pleaded with the British Embassy in the UAE to help Hashi pay off the fine after refusing to reclaim the vehicle until it had been paid off.

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He told the publication that he will now be able to collect the car after Hashi agreed to pay the discounted sum of Dhs125,000 ($34,030) to police.

“I met Mr Hashi at the traffic department as we wanted to bring an end to this issue before everyone breaks for Eid,” Ibrahim was quoted as saying.

“He spoke to officials and they reached a deal over the final sum of the fines.”

The Lamborghini Huracana had been seen parked outside the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel since the incident last month, which saw Hashi drive the vehicle at speeds of up to 230kph.

The man, from Newport in Wales, was previously reported to be out of work and unable to pay the fine, leaving him stuck in Dubai.

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Ibrahim said he was free to collect the car and take it to a service centre


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