Booz & Co: How To Go Global
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Booz & Co: How To Go Global

Booz & Co: How To Go Global

Exclusive: Regional firms must work out exactly what they are before hitting the global stage, says Booz & Co global boss.

Gulf Business

Regional companies must build capabilities and add unique value to achieve success on a global scale, says Cesare Mainardi, CEO of Booz & Co.

The global management consultancy boss told Gulf Business that regional companies must look at overall value-add when clamoring for global success.

“The key is better value proposition. As more and more companies build scale and build positions and have access to capital intelligence, real winning globally comes from being able to do something that others can’t. Just a few capabilities woven together can add value that others cannot.

“It’s a simple concept but awfully difficult to do. There is investment throughout the Middle East as states are building companies and the question is how do we make sure we build a few capabilities to really add value in a way that others don’t. That’s the essence of success over time. Companies can build positions and build assets but the real key here is how do we build capabilities.

“When taking a global step, companies must make a clear choice about how they’re going to play, how they are going to add value differently, being clear of what services they can provide to compete in the market. The single biggest decision in the global strategy is who we’re going to be – absent that choice and it becomes very difficult; over a thousand flowers bloom and you’re left with fields of weeds.”

Mainardi was appointed CEO of the global management consulting firm, Booz & Co., earlier this year.

For the full interview with Cesare Mainardi, see the July issue of Gulf Business.

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