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Abu Dhabi department of energy updates list of violations, fines for licensed entities

Abu Dhabi department of energy updates list of violations, fines for licensed entities

The updated roster has over 70 violations with fines ranging from Dhs2,000 through to Dhs10m

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) has updated its schedule of violations and administrative fines, affecting all licensed entities, real estate developers, facility owners, energy services companies, and individuals.

The decision aims to upgrade the energy ecosystem; implement international standards in supplying electricity, water and wastewater services; secure the sector’s infrastructure; and enforce health, safety and environmental standards.

The updated list now features 72 violations, with fines beginning from DhsD2,000 through to Dhs10m.

The new violations include restricting, distorting, or precluding competition within the sector, or foiling consumer and public interests; imposing unapproved fees, tariffs, and prices; non-compliance with the DoE’s environment, health and safety management systems as well as with the installations, fittings and equipment standards set by the DoE; and delay or failure to implement corrective actions against violations.

The new rules aim to ensure that entities providing wastewater management, district cooling, water or electricity services adhere to the terms of their licences.

It also aims to ensure that the sole energy provider in the emirate commits to preparing tenders and purchasing production capacity, as well as electricity and water output, in accordance with the rules set by the DoE.

Fines for each violation are calculated based on the costs of inspection, control and follow-up, the severity of the violation and its impact on the emirate’s energy sector, customers and individuals, and any damages caused.

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