#Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

Abu Dhabi DoE_Low Carbon Hydrogen Policy and Regulatory Framework

Abu Dhabi DoE to develop hydrogen policy, regulatory framework

The DoE expects to report on the outcomes of the policy and regulatory framework before the end of the year

Abu Dhabi Colombia

Abu Dhabi, Colombia collaborate to boost energy sector

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy and Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia will explore opportunities for financing projects in energy areas including use, and storage of hydrogen

EV charging Getty images

Abu Dhabi launches regulatory policy for EV charging infrastructure

The policy will enable necessary investments into EV charging infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and encourage consumers to purchase and use EVs in the emirate

Abu Dhabi department of energy updates list of violations, fines for licensed entities

The updated roster has over 70 violations with fines ranging from Dhs2,000 through to Dhs10m