Abu Dhabi-based Fenix launches ride-hailing service in Bahrain
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Abu Dhabi-based Fenix launches ride-hailing service in Bahrain

Abu Dhabi-based Fenix launches ride-hailing service in Bahrain

The electric mobility and deliveries platform plans to add Fenix Taxi offering across its footprint starting with two other markets over the summer

Divsha Bhat
Fenix Bahrain

Fenix, an Abu Dhabi company developing electric mobility and deliveries platform in the Greater Middle East, has launched Fenix Taxi, a regional ride hailing service in Bahrain.

The electric mobility platform currently operates in five countries in the region and is planning to add the new offering across its footprint starting with two other markets over the summer.

With this launch, users will have the convenience and flexibility to pick from a variety of mobility alternatives from the platform, all while earning loyalty advantages through the network’s rewards programme and using the platform’s integrated Fenix Pay wallet. Consumers may get market convenience items, rent shared e-scooters and e-bikes, subscribe to personal MyRide e-scooters, and hail a cab all from one app.

Jaideep Dhanoa, co-founder and CEO of Fenix commented: “Instead of force fitting one product for everyone, providing choice empowers consumers to choose the right ride for the right time, so people can move more and do more. Often the best option is a car, and now cars are also available through the Fenix platform. But if that car ride is too expensive because of surge pricing or is taking too long because of traffic, consumers have other options to turn to. They can instead opt to scoot or bike to their destination, or connect with public transportation, or even request a Fenix Genie to complete their local errands for them instead. Surfacing all these options through a single app allows consumers to make the best choice for themselves at that point of time, through a multimodal lens.”

IQ Sayed, co-founder and CTO of Fenix added: “We realised from early on that in order to achieve our mission we would need to support a broad range of mobility and delivery use cases. We have architected our platform from the ground up to accommodate multiple product lines, with substantial platform level investments in payments localisation, operational efficiency and a seamless experience across multiple use-cases. These tech investments are starting to pay dividends with a mobility super app that Fenix is uniquely positioned to deliver. We are electric-first, vertically integrated, fleet-centric, and multimodal, with a focus on the Greater Middle East region.”

Meanwhile, the company has launched its Genie service in four countries, including Abu Dhabi, Doha, Istanbul, Manama, and Mersin. Users may buy anything or have anything delivered nearby in minutes using this platform, allowing them more freedom and convenience when running errands.

It employs its light electric cars for short-distance, small-package deliveries, decreasing traffic congestion, noise pollution, and emissions in an area where urban traffic is growing. After its commerce service Fenix Market, Fenix Genie is the company’s second electric delivery service, demonstrating that it is feasible to deliver sustainably in the region – without subsidies and while providing a compelling experience to consumers.

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When ordering from Fenix Genie, consumers use the same Fenix app with a made-for-the-region Fenix Pay wallet to earn more rewards for future purchases. The wallet provides a range of payment choices for consumers, including prepaid mobile credit via telecom operator partnerships across the region, cash vouchers and cash on delivery, local digital wallets, Apple Pay, credit cards and debit cards, thus increasing access to affordable mobility and convenience deliveries to underbanked consumers.

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