Fenix launches 10-minute grocery delivery service in Abu Dhabi
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Fenix launches 10-minute grocery delivery service in Abu Dhabi

Fenix launches 10-minute grocery delivery service in Abu Dhabi

Initially the service is available in Reem Island with free delivery and no minimum order

Divsha Bhat

Fenix is expanding the use of its electric scooters to not only move people but transport products. The company unveiled its newest innovative 10-minute grocery delivery service F10 in Abu Dhabi’s Reem Island. There is no minimum order and the firm is also offering free, besides a discount of up to Dhs50 off during the initial launch period for new users.

The 10-minute guarantee is made feasible by Fenix’s vertically integrated strategy throughout the whole value chain, which employs its micromobility vehicles and full-time in-house personnel to transport fresh foods from Fenix dark shops, reducing any lost time.

Commenting on the launch, Jaideep Dhanoa, co-founder and CEO of Fenix said, “Using F10 there is no burden to plan and prepare to make sure one has the groceries they need a week in advance. Imagine having a supermarket on demand in your kitchen.”

“Our innovative F10 service will transform deliveries in new fundamental ways, and Abu Dhabi is the first city in the region to experience this exceptional consumer experience. With the continued growth of e-commerce and deliveries around the world, there will be a growing need for efficient logistics via micromobility to reduce congestion and pollution, with lower costs and quicker deliveries,” he added.

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F10 can service clients fast within a speed-optimised delivery radius. Fenix  places a strong emphasis on post-pandemic cleanliness, with each delivery scooter equipped with built-in sanitising dispensers. Customers can choose between contactless and traditional delivery using the app. Micromobility is rapidly growing in the region with government entities investing in sustainable mobility solutions to enhance transportation networks in Middle Eastern countries. Fenix through this service is extending the role of micromobility beyond the movement of people to include the movement of goods.

IQ Sayed, co-founder and CTO of Fenix, stated, “With F10, we are bringing the staples of any grocery store to our customers’ doorsteps in a remarkable timeframe, redefining convenience and shaking up a broken industry.”

Fenix 2020 launch

The company launched in Abu Dhabi in November last year. Every ride is insured, with personal accident, third-party liability and product liability insurance.

It has also introduced a private e-scooter subscription service in the UAE capital starting at Dhs100 per week or Dhs200 per month. It even offers a lease-to-own product – those subscribing to the service for 24 months will own the scooter after that.

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