What role is Metaverse playing in reshaping the healthcare sector
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What role is Metaverse playing in reshaping the healthcare sector

What role is Metaverse playing in reshaping the healthcare sector

Digital health solutions are on the cusp of a unprecedented growth due to augmented and virtual reality technologies, says Dr Ben O. J. El Idrissi, COO and founder at Aimedis


How can Metaverse reshape the healthcare sector?
We have seen incredible growth in the application of digital solutions within the last two decades. That growth has accelerated within the last two years with increased adoption of solutions that allow remote interaction. The healthcare system is a complex behemoth needing intense interaction strategies to achieve efficiency and optimal outcomes. Students, for example, can join lessons in the Metaverse and participate in surgeries that demonstrate details in 3D.

Patients can speak with their doctors before surgery and experience a digital walk through the facilities. Professionals can discuss procedures with colleagues worldwide in digital conference rooms. Is this new? No, not in its essence. However, the quality or, let’s say, immersiveness is a key differentiator. Technology not only makes virtual worlds more accessible through better computing power and virtual reality (VR) headsets, it also provides more connection to devices that can support the experience and actual treatment.

Can you tell us about your company?
We are an integrative blockchain-based platform with health-oriented blockchain apps for healthcare professionals and patients. We bring blockchain-exclusive features, including security, interoperability, and scalability, to add new possibilities in the current medical eHealth space. We are creating the first B2B medical and scientific NFT marketplace, a healthcare ecosystem where users can buy and sell medical data. Our platform provides a market for a large base of un-utilised data and delivers a vital resource for the pharma and health-tech industry, which is crucial for drug, device, and software developments, including AI.

Recently you launched your healthcare city Metaverse. Can you explain this?
We launched the “Health City” demo, which is the first medical Metaverse experience at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai. Now we are onboarding forward-thinking healthcare providers and institutions that will offer services and education to their customers. The development will continue, and our progress will compound over the next several years allowing more people, services, and products to be integrated.

How do you see the future of healthcare and patient care in the Metaverse?
For patients: The future of patient care in the Metaverse will boost pre-and post-hospitalisation care for patients. The ability to communicate with healthcare professionals from home will finally lower relapse rates after therapies and surgical procedures and help manage treatment progress with less need to schedule visits that could be difficult for and costly to patients.

Patient care in the Metaverse will also give both patients and doctors more control over the long term management of chronic diseases by allowing regular reporting and follow-up sessions between doctors and patients. The routine follow-up provided in our Metaverse experience will significantly affect the long term management of conditions and lower unwanted complications
for patients.

For healthcare sectors: Less stress on the infrastructure. The adoption of the Metaverse in healthcare will shift a significant amount of the workflow to remote-based services. The establishment of remote services will ease the stress on infrastructure whilst giving patients better access to caregivers and strengthen our healthcare system, making it more resilient in facing emergent situations such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Education: Education plays a huge role in healthcare and is perfectly transferable to the digital world. Exhibitions, medical lectures, and other informational events will be a significant driver of participation among professionals and customers worldwide

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