Weddings and social events allowed to resume in Dubai
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Weddings and social events allowed to resume in Dubai

Weddings and social events allowed to resume in Dubai

Event halls can accommodate a maximum of 200 people while the duration cannot exceed four hours


Wedding receptions and social events have been permitted to resume in Dubai from Thursday, October 22, the emirate’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management announced.

Social events can be held in hotels, halls, homes, temporary venues, and tents in residential areas provided precautionary measures are strictly implemented and high levels of safety are maintained, a statement said.

Weddings and social gatherings were suspended in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials stressed that several guidelines need to followed including:

– Each hall is allowed to host a maximum of 200 people while tents and homes are allowed to accommodate a maximum of 30 people, subject to compliance with the rule of one person per four square metres of venue space

– Attendees are required to wear face masks at all times and can remove them only when seated at their tables

– A maximum of five guests are allowed per table

– Attendees should avoid being seated face-to-face and maintain a distance of more than 1.5 metres between each other

– Tables should be placed at least two metres apart from each other

– The duration of the event at halls, hotels, homes, temporary venues and tents should not exceed four hours

– Elderly people and those with chronic conditions should be advised not to attend social functions

– Any person experiencing symptoms such as coughing, or fever must refrain from attending events

The Supreme Committee stressed that violators will be held accountable for lack of compliance with the rules.

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