Video: UAE's first drone taxi almost ready for passengers
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Video: UAE’s first drone taxi almost ready for passengers

Video: UAE’s first drone taxi almost ready for passengers

A YouTube video shows the EHANG184 conducting test runs at Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

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The UAE’s first drone taxi could soon be taking passengers to the skies after several test runs in Dubai.

The EHANG184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) has been undergoing testing for safety and durability in different wind and weather conditions at Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

Chinese firm EHANG Industrial Design Centre, the manufacturer of the 240kg flying vehicle, showed the progress in a video on its YouTube channel published on June 5.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority announced in February that flying drone taxis would be available in the emirate from this month through an agreement with the firm.

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The vehicle been designed to be the safest, smartest and most eco-friendly AVV on the market, according to the manufacturer.

It can cruise for up to 25 minutes at 60 km per hour at heights of up to 3,500m above sea level and needs just one hour to fully charge its battery.

A Fail Safe system ensures that the machine will still operate safely without hindering its performance if there are any abnormalities in its operation, EHANG has said.

Similarly, if the EHANG184 suffers from an unexpected malfunction while airborne, it will immediately find the nearest and safest location to land.

The machine is equipped with a built in air conditioner, a light fixture and a cushioned seat.

The passenger can easily operate the drone with a touch of a screen. All that is required is to select the intended destination, and press go to operate.


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