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Video: Mall of the Emirates apologises for evacuation amid heavy rain

Video: Mall of the Emirates apologises for evacuation amid heavy rain

A “technical glitch” caused a power outage on a day of heavy rains

A popular Dubai mall has issued an apology after it was evacuated due to a power outage.

A ‘technical glitch” caused a temporary power cut at the Mall of the Emirates. Shoppers were evacuated from the mall, forcing them to go outside on a day that also saw rare, heavy rain.

A statement issued by the mall read in part: “Mall of the Emirates faced a temporary power outage due to a technical issue. Standard procedures were followed to ensure the safety of visitors and tenants. The matter was resolved immediately and business is as usual at the mall. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to both our tenants and visitors.”

Heavy rains fell over parts of the UAE on Monday, with a low visibility warning also issued by the National Center for Meteorology (NCM).

Videos shared on social media showed heavy rains and flooded streets in Fujairah and Al Ain.

Looking ahead, the weather will be partly cloudy on Tuesday toward the east and southeastern areas with probability of convective clouds formation by afternoon, the NCM said.

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Humidity is expected to increase on Wednesday night and Thursday morning over some coastal areas with a chance of mist or fog formation especially westward.


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