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Video: Dubai number plate 12 W nets Dhs4m in auction

Video: Dubai number plate 12 W nets Dhs4m in auction

The revenues from the RTA’s latest public auction of number plates netted over Dhs23.47m

The Dubai car number plate 12 W sold for a whopping Dhs4m at a public auction organised by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Saturday.

During the auction, the RTA offered 90 distinctive two, three, four and five digits for the vehicle plate numbers of the codes I-J-K-L-M-N-P-Q-R-S-T-W-Z.

The revenues of the 101st plate numbers public auction reached over Dhs23.47m.

Following the 12 W plate, the plate number 20 Z saw the second highest winning bid at over Dhs2.76m, followed by 222 Z, which made Dhs1.75m.

The RTA said it seeks to organise the auctions according to the market demand. “The large response to these auctions promote healthy competition to obtain these special numbers,” it stated.

The auction of exclusive number plates garners strong interest in the UAE.

In October 2016, a Dubai-based Indian businessman bought the D5 number plate for Dhs33m in what was described as the biggest auction in the RTA’s history.

Balwinder Sahani, owner of property management firm RSG International, beat competition from other VIPs to secure the plate after paying Dhs25m for the number O9 in 2015.

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