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Video: Abu Dhabi police seize 423kg of drugs in largest haul in the UAE

Video: Abu Dhabi police seize 423kg of drugs in largest haul in the UAE

Officials have arrested 12 suspects

Abu Dhabi Police seized 423 kilograms of drugs and arrested 12 suspects in the largest drug haul so far in the UAE.

The heroin and crystal drugs as well and half a million Captagon tablets were hidden in secret cavities in vehicle parts, police revealed.

The suspects – all Asians – were arrested from different parts of the country.

Colonel Taher Gharib Al-Dhahiri, director of the Directorate of Drug Enforcement in the Criminal Security Sector, said that the covert operation had a “significant impact” on the criminal drug network, which was run from outside the country to target its youth.

The pre-emptive strike was achieved following months of monitoring and follow-ups.

Al-Dhahiri stressed that authorities will continue to confront drug smugglers and dismantle drug trafficking groups with an integrated control strategy.

The UAE has stepped up efforts to tackle the illegal smuggling of drugs and narcotics in the country.

Last month, Dubai Police also seized 365kg of drugs worth Dhs278.5m in a major operation.

Officials arrested 16 Asian suspects as part of ‘Operation Stalker’.

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