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UAE’s Emirates Loto extends refund cutoff date to September 30

UAE’s Emirates Loto extends refund cutoff date to September 30

Unscratched collectables can be returned to designated stores across all the emirates within the UAE

Emirates Loto

UAE’s Emirates Loto has said that those who purchased collectables ahead of the postponed July 18 draw, can collect refunds on them until September 30.

In a statement, the company said that all participants who purchased their collectables online after 8.30pm on Saturday, July 11, have already had their money refunded.

Those who purchased collectables via the website or mobile app before 8.30pm on July 11, but did not enter a draw, can submit a refund form on the Emirates Loto website.

Those who have unscratched collectables purchased from a store, can return it to any one of the designated stores spread across the country in each emirate.

Abu Dhabi: Metro Manila Hypermarket in Electra Street and Pinoy Manila Grocery in Defense Street.

Sharjah: Metro Manila Hypermarket in Abu Shaghara Street and Metro Manila Supermarket in Al Wahda Street.

Ajman: Metro Manila Hypermarket in Al Karama Area

Fujairah: Metro Manila Supermarket in Al Qala Street

Ras Al Khaimah: Gulf Hypermarket in Al Muntasir Street

Umm Al Quwain: Bu Basheer Supermarket in Old Industrial Area

Dubai: Sheaar Al Madina Supermarket in 17 – Al Qusais Industrial Area

Participants who have scratched their collectables, and those who have won free entries into future draws, will also need to submit a refund form on the Emirates Loto website.

The refund will be made through a bank transfer or in cash through any of Al Fardan Exchange branches.

The company added that those expecting a refund either automatically or via bank transfer will receive it within seven-ten business days, and they will be notified via SMS or email.

Emirates Loto added that it can be reached via email or by calling toll free number 800 5825 between 8am-10pm daily.

On July 18, the fatwa-approved Emirates Loto announced that it was pausing its weekly lottery draw, which at the time had a jackpot prize of Dhs50m.

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