UAE's Edge Group invests $14m in tech company High Lander
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UAE’s Edge Group invests $14m in tech company High Lander

UAE’s Edge Group invests $14m in tech company High Lander

Edge aims to utilise High Lander’s Universal UTM solution in autonomous operations management

UAE's Edge Group invests $14m in tech company High Lander

UAE-based Edge group has announced a strategic investment worth $14m in technology company High Lander.

High Lander’s Universal UTM is a drone-agnostic unmanned traffic management solution, that oversees the busiest airspaces, enabling simultaneous drone operations. From pre-flight authorisation to mid-mission changes and post-flight logs, the solution enables efficient management of airspace control.

Edge, which comprises a portfolio of 20 companies, is focusing on the development of autonomous systems as part of its international growth strategy. These include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), smart weapons, and cyber technologies.

The group is keen to further assist High Lander in developing its Universal UTM solution, which provides automation, coordination, and safety in increasingly crowded skies. Edge aims to utilise it in the management of autonomous operations.

“Today’s operating environments require the most advanced unmanned air traffic control systems, and High Lander provides the only truly universal solution for this critical requirement,” said Faisal Al Bannai, chairman of the board at Edge.

“Our investment in High Lander as a major shareholder is logical for Edge, and mutually beneficial and opportune for both companies, allowing us to grow and perfect these solutions further together, in both the military and civilian domains.”

Last year, Edge unveiled Scorpio-B, the newest member of its series of unmanned ground vehicles on the first day of UMEX 2022.

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It also rebranded its entity DIGITAL14 as KATIM last year, which it said, will continue to provide secure, end-to-end solutions centred on four core business units. These included networks, ultra secure mobile devices, applications and satellite communications.

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