EDGE Group rebrands DIGITAL14 as KATIM
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EDGE Group rebrands DIGITAL14 as KATIM

EDGE Group rebrands DIGITAL14 as KATIM

The company offers cross-platform products and solutions with end-to-end encryption of voice, video and data, through reliable and dedicated networks

EDGE Group Chairman BOD Faisal Al Bannai

The EDGE Group has rebranded its entity DIGITAL14 as KATIM.

The rebranded company will continue to provide secure, end-to-end solutions centred on four core business units: Networks, Ultra Secure Mobile Devices, Applications and Satellite Communications, to global defence, intelligence, government and private sector clients

Its cross-platform products and solutions offer end-to-end encryption of voice, video, and data, through reliable and dedicated networks.

EDGE hosted a corporate event in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the rebranding and outline how the new brand aligns with the group’s overall strategy and the expansion of its capabilities within the domain of secure communications.

Faisal Al Bannai, chairman of the Board of Directors, EDGE, said, “The launch of KATIM, following its restructuring, rebranding, and successful integration into EDGE’s Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies cluster, is a major development which will strengthen our position as a global leader in the provision of advanced secure communications solutions. EDGE’s extensive product portfolio perfectly aligns with our future growth plans in the global market and KATIM will ensure we remain agile and at top of our game in this field.”

Waleid Al Mesmari, SVP – Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies at EDGE,  said, “KATIM’s sovereign cryptography solutions provide unmatched security to government and homeland security agencies’ day-to-day operations, and ensure a nation’s leaders can communicate without compromise. Through an innovative technology that integrates software, hardware and quantum technologies, KATIM offers highly scalable, reliable and secure solutions with cutting-edge technologies. By combining business activities, KATIM will leverage EDGE’s strong ecosystem, strategic partnerships, and market access.”

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