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UAE’s ADNOC Distribution opens first Saudi fuel stations

UAE’s ADNOC Distribution opens first Saudi fuel stations

The company has sought to expand its footprint after listing late last year

UAE fuel stations operator ADNOC Distribution has announced the opening of its first locations in Saudi Arabia.

The company, which raised $851m in a 10 per cent listing last December, said the two stations opened this week after undergoing rebranding and reconstruction work.

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The first is located on the Riyadh-Dammam highway 40km from the cpiatal and the second in the city of Hofuf in Al Ahsa Governorate.

“These initial two stations are significant in that they will enable us to interact directly with Saudi customers and, where necessary, tailor our services for this important market as we continue to look at options for growth,” said ADNOC Distribution acting CEO Saeed Al Rashdi.

“We strongly believe that our brand and service ethic have a place within the Saudi Arabian fuel and convenience retailing sector, and hope that our entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will further strengthen the commercial and cultural ties that connect our two countries.”

The fuel stations operator, which had operations in Abu Dhabi and some of the Northern Emirates prior to its listing, has sought to expand its footprint and service offering over the last year.

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It began charging for attendant refuelling at UAE stations over the last six months and has announced its intention to expand into Dubai.

The company said on Thursday it was also “reviewing a number of potential options” to grow its international operations.


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